The Kelsey On-Line: The Roman Site of Karanis, Egypt
The University of Michigan sponsored excavations at Karanis from 1926 to 1935 and the objects recovered during these are the largest component of the Kelsey's collection. As shown by the images below, a tremendous range of material had been preserved at the site. Currently, university classes such as Roman Art and Archaeology and Egyptian Art and Archaeolgy make use of this resource during hands-on sessions with a limited number of the more durable objects. We hope to increase students' understanding of these pieces and of the site generally by giving them on-line access to material as well as more contextual information.


The Site of Karanis

Glass from Karanis

Other containers from Karanis

Wall painting from Karanis

These images are from black-and-white photographs that were painted so as to represent the original colors as closely as possible.

Sculpture and figurines from Karanis

Coins from Karanis

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