Mario & Annabella (taught here in 2015) and Ney & Jennifer (coming July 16!)

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UPCOMING: Ney & Jennifer Workshop!

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The registration form and the tentative schedule for MATC's Fireworks Workshop Weekend with Ney & Jennifer are now available.

We highly encourage new (and skilled) dancers to sign up for lessons with these charismatic and inspiring instructors. Students currently in the beginner series can volunteer during the weekend and qualify for free lessons. Please email with questions.

New free Argentine tango beginner lesson series starts Wednesday, 6/29, 8pm in Mason Hall 1401:

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A volunteer-based student organization dedicated to the philosophy and proposition that tango is not a commodity but rather an art form to be shared freely. It shall be cultivated in a community of Club participants, which fosters leadership and operates with a firm appreciation of the various talents, abilities, and motivations of those who give that community form.