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The AAUP, founded in 1915, is the only national organization exclusively representing the interests of all college and university faculty members. The AAUP establishes and maintains standards for academic due process and faculty participation in academic decision making.

AAUP membership is open to instructional and research faculty, graduate students, administrators and members of the public. Click here for more information about membership in the University of Michigan Chapter.

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The Ann Arbor Chapter of the AAUP is a Sec. 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. All contributions to it are tax deductible under IRSregulations.

The Purpose of the AAUP is to:

Protect Academic Freedom

Promote Shared Governance

Define Professional Values and Standards for Higher Education

Ensure Higher Education's Contribution to the Common Good


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Web-Based Evaluation  of University Administrators by Faculty is Available to Your College or University

The classic one hour and 26 minutes video documentary "Keeping in Mind: The McCarthy Era at the University of Michigan" by Adam E. Kulakow is now available in DVD or VHS formats.  Click here to learn more about the documentary and to place your order.

The April 2005 Annual Newsletter featured articles on the web-based evaluation by UM faculty of university administrators.  Click here to access it.

If you are interested in conducting similar web-based evaluations at your college or university, click here to contact the Chapter's Secretary by e-mail.

The Supreme Court, Affirmative Action, and Higher Education

Click here to read this article by Robert O'Neil, reprinted from Academe, about the possible impacts of a recent Supreme Court ruling.

Corporate Academia

Click here to read the book review in the January-February 2008 American Scientist (vol. 96, p. 62 ff.), "Corporate Academia" by Roger Geiger, regarding Daniel Greenburg's 2007 book Science for Sale: The Perils, Rewards, and Delusions of Campus Capitalism.










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AAUP Faculty Gender Equity Indicators 2006

New Faculty Undergraduate Scholarships



AAUP Michigan Conference Website


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  The AAUP

  • Sets standards for academic freedom, faculty governance, tenure, due process

  • Provides local programs: e.g., on intellectual property, conflict resolution

  • Conducts studies: e.g., on how unit executive committees function

  • Alerts you to current issues via e-mail and the web, e.g., post-tenure review, revision of the faculty handbook

  • Offers non-legal support in grievances and disputes

  • Connects you to the state and national AAUP network


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Faculty Issues:

Faculty Assistance:

Who Grades Students? Some Legal Cases, Some Best Practices -Comments prepared by AAUP Counsel Donna Euben

Why the Faculty Needs the AAUP

Who Grades University of Michigan Students:
Faculty or Administrators?

Dispute Resolution

University Condones Plagiarism?

Guidance to Aggrieved Faculty

Proposal for a Covenant on Fair Dealing


What is Wrong with Free and Open Elections?


Do You Know the Position of Top University Administrators on Involving Faculty in the Decision-making Process?


  Affirmative Action




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Click here to view a copy of the UM Chapter's Constitution (amended May 10, 2006).

Judith G. Calhoun, Chapter Secretary

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