University of Michigan Ann Arbor Chapter of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP

Minutes for June 22, 2011 Approved on July , 2011

Present: J. Calhoun, E. Chudacoff, R. Lomax, I. Robinson, C. Smith, D. Smith

The meeting was called to order by I. Robinson at 12:15 pm.

Minutes. The minutes from May 25th were approved with consent, in line with R. Lomax submitted correction regarding the next to the last sentence in the Faculty Governance section. The statement regarding ...allowing graduate students to form a union... will be changed to read: C. Smith also noted the 6-2 vote at the last Regent's meeting allowing for graduate students to vote on whether to unionize.

Announcements. None

Treasurer's Report. C. Smith reported that as of May 31st, the checking account balance was $2,933.99. The Michigan Conference sent $4,000 for the development and distribution of the joint survey with the campus Lecturers' Employee Organization (LEO). LEO matched that submission for an $8,000 pool to survey faculty regarding satisfaction with campus and specific teaching challenges, including current changes in faculty and staff benefits. Also reported was a call from the University tax management office regarding AAUP being among the organizations listed as having lost their tax exempt status. C. Smith will look into and report back at the next meeting.


Active Cases. D. Smith updated the group on A. Borisov, a former active case principal whose case was settled in April with payment from the University, is now employed in the Biology Department at Wayne State University after some continued employment strife. He also reported that 2 people were denied admittance to the June 16th Regents" meeting due to their names being listed on the University Trespass listing. Also, reported on was ACLU's involvement with the establishment of a new University trespass policy, which would allow for a reported infraction to be in effect for only 1 year or until a review is called by the UM Department of Public Safety Police Chief with the potential for 3 options: the rescinding of the infraction and listing, renewal of the listing for an additional 1 year, or permanent placement on the listing. No appeal process would be available. Also, the UM Department of Public Safety would have no authority to overturn the decision. Currently the actual public policy does not match that quoted in the late May/early June article in the University Record. It was decided that D. Smith would contact M. Steinberg at ACLU regarding a potential opinion on the current policy. D. Smith also noted the need for the Committee to address subsequent relevant policy changes related to each active case for the prevention of future challenges.

Faculty Governance. The Committee reiterated interest in having D. Burns extend an invitation to Kate Barald, the new Chair of the Senate Advisory Committee on University Affairs (SACUA), for joining one of the upcoming Chapter Executive Committee meetings.

State/National AAUP News. J. Calhoun and C. Smith noted highlights from the Annual AAUP Meeting held in Washington DC June 8-12th. Chapter organization and re-establishment, as well as increased membership remained at the forefront of discussions. C. Nelson, the AAUP President, is also currently focusing on the failure of the large public and other leading universities in maintaining active and impactful chapters, i.e. in the New England Conference, Harvard and Yale do not have chapters. Also, there is a movement to enhance advocacy chapters--such as the Ann Arbor AAUP Chapter--which comprises nearly one-third of the AAUP membership with the goal of doubling memberships in the next 6 months. The Illinois Northern University representative, who is currently organizing a chapter in Wisconsin, will be available to assist the Ann Arbor Chapter as well. The Committee collectively welcomed this external recruitment expertise. The controversy surrounding the resignation of the AAUP General Secretary, G. Rhodes, on June 1st was also a major informal discussion point throughout the meeting. Upcoming national meetings include the annual AAUP Summer Institute for chapter leadership training will be held at the end of July in Boston. Tuition will be $350, with scholarships for such being available. Also, there will be a Shared Governance meeting organized by L. Gerber, Auburn University, for this Fall in Washington DC. It is recommended that each Chapter President attend this meeting.

Old Business. It was noted that Eastern Michigan University faculty chose not to participant in the Detroit Public Schools union issues, nor to train new replacement personnel.

New Business. I. Robinson noted the link for signing the petition repealing the state of Michigan Emergency Managers Public Act 4 which allows government appointed managers to remove all authority from school boards, city and county officials; voiding of employee contracts; dissolution and consolidation of school districts and cities, etc.--- Currently there on 18,000 signatures on the petition, with the goal being 250,000 by the end of July. There will also be regional signing events throughout July.

Adjournment. The meeting was adjourned by I. Robinson at 1:25 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Judith G. Calhoun

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