University of Michigan Ann Arbor Chapter of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP)

DRAFT Minutes for July 27, 2011 Approved on August , 2011

Present: D. Burns, E. Chudacoff, J. Lee, C. Smith, D. Smith

The meeting was called to order by D. Burns at 12:27 pm.

Minutes. The minutes from June 22th were approved by consent.

Treasurer's Report. C. Smith reported that as of June 30th, the checking account balance was $4,786.. D. Burns reported that he is working with the AAUP national office and C. Smith to get the chapter's tax exempt status reinstated.

Announcements. D. Burns reported on UM's workplace rankings. The committee discussed the absence of leadership and faculty governance among our positive aspects. D. Burns also reported that the new faculty orientation will be August 31st and Gina Poe has agreed to join him in representing the AAUP. C. Smith reported that the Library of Congress has registered the materials relating to the Borisov case, previously submitted by this committee; and will forward the reference link to the committee members.

AAUP-LEO Survey. C. Smith reported that 207 tenure track faculty had completed the survey, along with 37 non-tenure track and 159 LEO members. The committee discussed how to use the results to increase AAUP membership.

Active Cases. D. Smith reported that the university has added a layer of bureaucracy to the reporting of scientific misconduct. Previously, any claim went through an official inquiry and if sufficient grounds were found, an investigation. If the grounds were not sufficient, the university would report that fact and why. Now, a preliminary assessment stage has been added which is informal, meaning no record of the claim is kept unless it goes to the inquiry stage. This new process is in direct conflict with the university's policy as it was reported to the NIH. The committee discussed possible methods of handling this situation, but no consensus was reached.

Faculty Governance. None.

State/National AAUP News. None.

Old Business. None.

New Business. D. Burns suggested finding a way to make all of the chapter's records available to the Executive Committee electronically. J. Lee suggested Google could be used to accomplish this and will report back to the committee on the viability.

Adjournment. The meeting was adjourned by D. Burns at 1:39 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Jeff Lee
Acting Secretary

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