University of Michigan Ann Arbor Chapter of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP)

Minutes for January 25, 2012         Approved on February 8, 2012

Present: D. Burns, J. Calhoun, R. Lomax, T. Moore, Ian Robinson, C. Smith

The meeting was called to order by D. Burns at 12:15 pm.

Minutes. Updates to the January 11, 2012 minutes were noted and subsequently approved.

Treasurer's Report. C. Smith reported that no income or expenses were encumbered from the last meeting, so the Committee's financial status remains the same as the January 11, 2012 report.

Announcements. T. Moore reported that the Department of Public Safety (DPS) is sponsoring a public meeting at the Union at noon on January 27th to discuss campus safety issues. He also noted that many of the Oversight Committee's suggestions for modifying DPS policies have received responsive action.

Active Cases. No discussion.

Faculty Governance. C. Smith reported that the General Council Advisory Committee met on January 24th with 3 items on the agenda: 1) the Governor signing into law House Bill 470 regarding partner benefits on December 22nd, 2) the lawsuit against the Author's Guild which mirrors similar issues in the recent Google lawsuit, and 3) the unionization efforts among the Graduate Student Research Assistant's (GSRA) organization. Regarding House Bill 470, the ACLU has challenged the State regarding this legislation given the Governor's "conditions of signing;" they question the legality of the Governor signing a bill with conditions such as those excluding colleges and universities, as well as the potential for discrimination against women and minorities. The first hearing challenging the Hathi Trust's digitization of over 8 million works and the subsequent impact on the rights of the concerned authors will take place in the New York state courts. The University of Michigan along with six other universities is also named in the suit. In relation to the GSRA's, the University upholds their position that graduate students are employees and as such, they have the right to unionize.

State/National AAUP News. No report.

Old Business. No report.