AC 213: Introduction to Latina/o Studies


Suggested Topics for Advocacy Project

Please notice that different issues might well fit into different topic areas, depending on how you choose to approach the issue and what aspects of it you choose to emphasize. Please notice also that every topic listed below includes issues that are international or global in scope, as well as issues that can be limited to the USA context. Your group will need to decide how to frame the issue that interests you: in international or in domestic terms. Finally, please note that the examples provided above are only that: examples. They are in no way to be taken as a complete list of what you might choose to focus on; they are merely a starting point from which you are encouraged to generate your own projects.


Work and Poverty

migrant/farm labor

job discrimination

sweatshop labor

Latina/os in the Welfare System


under-representation of Latina/os in professions

under-representation of Latina/os in arts



unequal access to quality education

Latina/o drop-out rates in High School

under-representation of Latina/os in higher education (university)

military recruiting in schools




police harassment

Latina/os in the prison/industrial complex

domestic violence


Sexuality and the Body

Sexism in Latina/o community

homophobia in Latina/o community



unequal access to health care (insurance, mental health, etc)

reproductive rights

AIDS in Latina/o community



environmental racism



immigration and naturalization law

immigrant rights

forced deportation