National Football League

Latinos have had a similar status with the NBA when the we look at the NFL. Average fans might think of Latinos primarily as placekickers or punters. While it is true the kicker position holds a disproportinate amount of Latino players, one man made an impact while lining up in the trenches of the NFL.



Hall of Fame offensive tackle Anthony Munoz


Anthony Muñoz

Considered one of the greatest offensive linemen the NFL has ever seen, Anthony Muñoz embodied what a football player should be. In his thirteen year career, he helped the Cincinnati Bengals to two Super Bowls and won the Offensive Lineman of the Year Award three times. Muñoz was also elected to the Pro Bowl eleven consecutive years and was named to the prestigious NFL's 75 th Anniversary all-time team.

Off the field, Muñoz established a reputation as one of the NFL's most charitable players. The Anthony Muñoz Foundation is committed to offering opportunities for children to gain leadership experience and build a rapport with schools located in rural areas. His stellar career and invaluable service to the Cincinnati community propelled Muñoz to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1998.





Kansas City Chiefs tight end Tony Gonzalez


Tony Gonzalez

Over his nine year career with the Kansas City Chiefs, Tony Gonzalez has demonstrated his unmatched skill as a football player. Not only does the six time Pro Bowler hold several Kansas City career receiving records, he is the standard by which other NFL tight ends are judged. It would be shocking, to say the least, if Tony did not finish his career in the NFL Hall of Fame.

Aside from his on the field accomplishments, Tony is very active in the community, both locally and internationally. To get a better grasp of the Spanish language, Tony spent the summers of 2004 and 2005 studying Spanish in San Miguel De Allende, Mexico and Costa Rica , respectively. In addition, he has also promoted the NFL in Rio de Janeiro , Brazil in 2003, encouraging more Brazilians to take up the sport that has revolutionized his life.

Tony also formed the “Tony Gonzalez Foundation” in 1998 which supports the Shadow Buddies program and the Boys and Girls Clubs. He is also well known in the community for his philanthropic campaigns. His contributions are vital to the effort of erasing the discrimination which has victimized Latinos in US sports.


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