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"The latino/latina community is a diverse community with different cultures of the latino experience and therefore when we talk about individuals we have to look at the different dynamics or different variables involved not only what country are they from but if they are first second or third generation..." 7

Kathy Berdy
Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs Coordinator, University of Michigan  

Washtenaw County Worker's Center
- Public Speaking about Immigration and other current issues. The WCWC is committed to empowering low-wage and immigrant workers to improve their working and living conditions

International Neighbors
- Offers friendship and understanding to women who have come to the Ann Arbor area from other countries.
- Tea, English Conversation, Discussion, and Special interest
- International Day Celebrations

¡Entératate! Guía De Recursos u Servícios Para Famílias en El Condado De Washtenaw
-Provides legal information for newly arrived Latino immigrants


Latinos Unidos
- Our mission statement is to build self-sufficiency and advocate for a just and caring community while enhancing the quality of life for Latinos and their families in Washtenaw County 10.