Past Events

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream
    Having fun with chemistry making ice cream using liquid nitrogen with the Society of Biology Students

National Chemistry Week
    Showcasing chemistry with demos in the Chemistry Building

Presentation from Dr. Onas Bolton at the University of Michigan
    Learning about the exciting chemistry of explosives

Presentation from Guy Nutter from the Northville Crime Lab
    Learning about the chemistry involved in forensic science

Volunteering at the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum
    Celebrating Pi Day by helping kids with fun math-related activities such as code breaking and tangrams

Spring Into Chemistry
    Getting together chemistry and biochemistry concentrators for an awesome event put on by the Chemistry Department

NSF International Headquarters Lab Tour
    Seeing the techniques we study in class put into action for quality testing of many different products

Decorating Campus with Molecules
    Spreading the beauty of chemistry around campus

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