This year the 33rd Annual “Run for the Roses” Charity Pep Rally will be held on Friday August 30, 2002

Every year during welcome week, the Alpha Delta Phi house hosts the "Run for the Roses" Charity Pep Rally. Typical speakers include Head Football Coach Lloyd Carr, athletic director Bill Martin, and the captains of the football team. The rally also includes performances by the U of M marching band, the dance team, and the cheerleading squad. All proceeds from this year’s charity will be benefiting the Coach Carr Cancer Fund.


We would like to thank our Food Sponsor NYPD for their kind donation to our charity event. NYPD will be serving food starting at 5:30pm. Please come by and try a delicious slice of their Pizza and other food items.

For more information or to sponsor the event please contact, Peter Lund -

If you would like to be on our Pep Rally mailing list as a reminder, please email with you name, phone number and/or email address.

GO BLUE!!!!!


More Pictures of past pep rallies:

- The front of the house before the pep rally

- Head football coach Lloyd Carr

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