• The Hundred Block Plan is AID's most expansive project to date. The plan allows chapters to focus on holistic community development instead of concentrating on individual projects within a given community. The members AID - Ann Arbor have committed ourselves to working with two blocks, Kusheshwar Sthan in Darbhanga, Bihar and Bahoor in Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu. 
  • The Bilgaon Micro-hydel project is patterned after the success that micro-hydel energy has had in Domhkedi. Bilgaon, a small village in the Narmada River valley of Maharashtra, can fulfill its entire electricity need from micro-hydel energy. This form of energy is the most practical power source for the villages of the Narmada valley that are so remote that traditional forms of electricity are not viable. 
  • DIYA is a small group of young activists in Bangalore, Karnataka. Like in other urban areas in India, animal welfare is an issue that is often ignored in Bangalore. However, in a high-density environment, animal welfare and people welfare are directly connected. DIYA has been working hard to treat and control the street dog population of Bangalore since July, 2000.
  • The FODRA projects utilizes modern GIS technology in order to create more reliable demographic data in the slums of Delhi. This data will be used to aid NGO's and government institutions in their efforts to serve this population.



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