DIYA Bangalore

The Do It Yourself Activists (DIYA) started in July, 2000 as an animal welfare group focusing on a "systematic, scientific and pro-animal approach to solve the street dog population issues of Bangalore." DIYA uses the innovative philosophy of Area Guardianship in its effort to achieve zero-population growth in the street dog population. Area Guardianship recognizes that dogs are territorial animals and that humans and dogs can coexist peacefully as long as the dog population within a certain area does not grow exponentially. DIYA's first spay/neuter camp in Vasanthnagar was able to spay or neuter 93% of the the dogs in the area. However, DIYA's goals go beyond dealing with animals. They also work to educate the community in how to live with dogs and even benefit from their presence. DIYA is now concentrating its efforts on creating Mobile Surgical Units that will act as animal hospitals on wheels. This will benefit both the animals of Bangalore and the people who live side by side with them.

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