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Physisorbed Monolayers
Energetic Materials

May, 2015: Chengcheng starts his Spring rotation!

May, 2014: Rosalyn and Nilanjana have joined the lab!

April, 2015: Congratulations to Ananya on receiving her doctoral degree!

January, 2015: Rosalyn starts her Winter rotation!

December, 2014: Congratulations to Laura and Ping on receiving their doctoral degrees!

June, 2014: Amanda starts her Summer rotation!

May, 2014: Kyle, Jialiu, Kortney and Jake have joined the lab!

May, 2014: Congratulations to Rachel on receiving her Ph.D.!

April, 2014: Goodbye to Matias. We wish him good luck with his future endeavors!

March, 2014: Rajesh has joined the lab!

January, 2014: Jialiu, Kortney and Jake have started their Winter rotations!

Updated 05/13/2015