Lyman Decatur Norris, E'45: Norris was the first person to arrive at the university in Ann Arbor when it opened in 1837, but he later transferred to Yale. He was one of the defense attorneys in the Dred Scott case of 1852.

William Lawrence Clements, E'82: Clements built the university's Library of American History on the Southwest corner of the Diag.

John Wendell Anderson, E'90: One of Henry Ford's original investors, Anderson financed the building of the current lodge at 620 South State Street and served as a Regent of the University.


Alumni Corporation


Vice President







Current Alumni Corporation of Alpha Epsilon of Chi Psi

Brian T. Heil E ’80

David DiRita E ’86

David Decker E ’86

Adam Wellman E ‘90

Jonathan Baugh  E ’03

Matt Raubinger E ‘09

Brad Plymale E’ 89

James Van Dyke E ‘01

The Corporation is responsible for maintaining the physical condition of the Lodge.  It performs a stewardship function in the sense that the current Lodge at 620 S. State Street has been the place where nearly a century of young men have lived and formed lifetime bonds.  In order to achieve this goal, Alpha Epsilon of Chi Psi has been generously supported by a committed alumni group, who over the course of the last decade have pledged over $1.5 million in capital improvement and educational endowment proceeds, as well as provided annual dues to the Corporation to help subsidize the cost of living at the Lodge for the undergraduates.  These funds have allowed the Corporation to undertake significant improvements to the Lodge in recent years, as well as to provide scholarships to undergraduate members totaling over $100,000 in the last 10 years alone.

Notable Epsilon Alumni