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The AMA Medical Student Section is dedicated to representing medical students, improving medical education, developing leadership, and promoting activism for the health of America.

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Join the AMA

Students can become members of three professional organizations - the AMA, Michigan State Medical Society, and Washtenaw County Medical Society - by filling out a single application and paying dues.

- One-Year Membership: $40
- Two-Year Membership: $58
- Three-Year Membership: $74
- Four-Year Membership: $88

Contact the internal vice president Arya Zarinsefat for a copy of the application or join online.

The Top 10 Reasons to Join the AMA

10. Free Netter's Anatomy Flashcards (a $35 value for students who join the AMA for a four-year membership)

9. Free Subscription to JAMA (a $240 value)

8. Membership to Three Med Societies for the Price of One (students become members of the AMA, Michigan State Medical Society, and Washtenaw County Medical Society)

7. Residency Opportunities (AMA's Fellowship and Residency Electronic Interactive Database is available for members to search for and explore accredited residency programs in the U.S.; members can also receive housing during residency interviews through the AMA Alliance's Physicians-In-Training Host Program)

6. Health Policy Internships and Fellowship (AMA-MSS's Government Relations Internship Program provides stipends for students to participate in policy internships in Washington, DC; AMA-MSS also offers a one-year Government Relations Advocacy Fellowship in AMA's DC office)

5. Resources, Listservs, and Virtual Mentor  (students have access to e-newsletters and listserv discussions on everything that is important to medical students; for those interested in bioethics, Virtual Mentor is an interactive, Web-based forum for analysis and discussion of ethical and professional issues)

4. Leadership Opportunities  (students can lead the 50,000+ AMA medical student members across the nation through participation on the Governing Council, AMA-MSS Committees, AMA Councils, the AMA Board of Trustees, and local county and state leadership positions)

3. Networking (students can interact with medical students and physicians in the county, state, and national levels; our chapter sends student delegates to three major conferences each year, AMA Interim Conference in November, AMA Annual Conference in June, and Michigan State Medical Society House of Delegates Meeting in May)

2. Community Service (AMA-MSS provides $35,000 annually to chapters to put their programs into action)

And the No. 1 reason to join the AMA:

1. Advocacy (the AMA is the most influential lobbying organization on behalf of medical students, physicians, and patients and is at the forefront of shaping health policy that will affect the funding of residency programs, help alleviate medical education debt, and ensure universal access to health care for all Americans)