Led by impassioned University of Michigan medical students, AMSA's action committees have a proud tradition of serving the underserved and of implementing programs that better the lives of individuals in local, state, and international spheres. Our motto is *action*. We have raised money to send an elementary school in Ghana their very first laptop computer. We have lobbied the Michigan State Legislature to pass a bill that would ban smoking in Michigan's public bars and restaurants. We volunteer our medical services to the homeless at the Delonis Free Health Clinic in Ann Arbor. We bring world-class international health leaders to inspire medical students at Michigan. We raise awareness about LGBT issues and educate students in the community about HIV/AIDS. We hold political leadership institutes and empower medical students who have a voice with the tools to act. These are only a few examples that give a flavor of our activities. Come join our teams, get inspired, translate your passion into action.

Action Committees: (links to the right)
1. Bioethics and Professionalism
2. Delonis Clinic
3. Glaucoma Screening
4. Health Coverage for All
5. Health Policy (HPAC)
6. Global Health (GHAC) and IFMSA opportunities
7. Residency Fair (and other fundraising projects)
8. Ronald McDonald House
9. Students Teaching AIDS to Students (STATS)

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