The Bioethics & Professionalism action committee provides opportunities for medical students to learn about and discuss challenging ethical issues related to the practice of medicine and medical research. Activities have included discussions of newspaper articles and bioethics papers, movie screenings of films dealing with ethical issues, and an Ethics Night dinner with faculty and a speaker at a local restaurant. Bioethics is a broad and constantly evolving field, so we are always open to new ideas and topics for discussion!

Past events this year
"Off-the-record" chat with Dr. Zeke Emanuel
During a visit to Ann Arbor in mid October, Dr. Emanuel - head of the Department of Bioethics at the Clinical Center of the NIH and a breast oncologist - sat with 20 medical students and allowed us to ask him questions. Discussion spanned from the role of medical providers in bioethics, his position on the language concerning biologic drugs in the current healthcare reform bill, and how bioethics has played a role in the current healthcare debate.