Our Four Core Values

Health Care for All
To mobilize members in state and national coalitions to advocate for a health care reform process that involves sequential reform and a single-payer universal health care system.
Eliminating Health Disparities
AMSA strives to empower students with knowledge about domestic and global health disparities and provide opportunities for students to take action to eliminate health disparities on the local, state, national, and international levels.
Advocating for Diversity in Medicine
AMSA strives to improve the recruitment and retention of under-reperesented minorities into medicine while increasing the diversity of our own leadership, in order to create a tolerant, accepting and culturally diverse physician workforce, which can effectively serve our multicultural society.
Transforming the Culture of Medical Education
Advocate for changes in medical education to create a humane and cooperative learning environment and develop physicians worthy of the public trust. There are many ways that AMSA is working towards reform in medical education, these include resident work hour reform, efforts toward medical student well-being, AMSA's PharmFree campaign, and revitalizing professionalism in the medical field.