How Can New Members Get Involved?

  • AMSA’s PharmFree campaign – learn about how medical students should ethically interact with drug reps and how to change your school’s policy on this issue.
  • AMSA’s Resident Work Hours campaign – learn about it on our Web site and write a letter to your Congressperson.
  • Medical Student Well Being – plan a well-being activity for your AMSA chapter, attend a Humanistic Medicine retreat or change your school’s wellness policies.
  • Medical student debt – learn more about how to control your own debt and write a letter to your Congressperson
  • Get involved in AMSA’s Medical Education Action Committee.


Transforming the Culture of Medical Education
Advocate for changes in medical education to create a humane and cooperative learning environment and develop physicians worthy of the public trust. There are many ways that AMSA is working towards reform in medical education, these include resident work hour reform, efforts toward medical student well-being, AMSA's PharmFree campaign, and revitalizing professionalism in the medical field.

The Issue: Medicine is a field built on a foundation of compassion, trust and a desire, to improve the quality of life for patients. Today’s medical culture has drifted away from these guiding principles, leaving both patients and physicians frustrated, disillusioned, and cynical about he future of the profession.

AMSA’s Vision: AMSA endeavors to build a trusting, humane community of physician leaders with the capacity to provide compassionate, socially responsible care to all patients.

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