The Glaucoma Screening Action Committee works closely with Dr. Terry Bergstrom, a faculty member, and ophthalmology residents to increase awareness in the Ann Arbor community about the risks of glaucoma. In the beginning of the year, we host a training session where you will learn how to use an eye chart, visual field perimeter, and ophthalmoscope to screen for glaucoma. After completing the training session, you will be able to volunteer for screenings at various health fairs, churches, and health centers. This group is an excellent way to acquire early clinical experience in the field of ophthalmology.

Past events this year
Training session in September
At the recent training session for the Glaucoma Screening Action Committee, about 30 medical students came to learn more about glaucoma and the need to screen for it, as explained by Dr. Bergstrom, an ophthalmologist at University of Michigan's Kellogg Eye Center. A team of ophthalmology residents taught the students how to take a basic history from patients, to administer a visual field screening test, and to use a direct ophthalmoscope. During the year, these students will volunteer at a variety of local health fairs, working with Dr. Bergstrom and ophthalmology residents to detect patients with untreated glaucoma in the community and to refer them for further evaluation and treatment as needed.

The committee also purchased supplies associated with providing free screenings at health fairs such as special paper for the glaucoma machine, power cords, alcohol wipes, staplers, pens, folders, and stationery.