The Global Health Action Committee (GHAC) is a group which focuses on advocacy and action for global health disparities. We work on issues that are personally important to team members, often involving fundraising and programming to raise awareness about problems that GHAC members have witnessed firsthand or feel particularly passionate about resolving. We also work with the national AMSA global health team on currently relevant action items and projects.

In the past, GHAC has slept in the parking lot of City Hall to raise awareness about the children soldiers in Uganda, established a student exchange program between medical students in Ann Arbor and Ghana, and fundraised to purchase a laptop for an underserved elementary school in Ghana.

This year, GHAC hopes to work with national AMSA as well as work with other organizations on campus interested in issues regarding global health, such as Universities Allied for Essential Medicines (UAEM), Physicians for Human Rights, (PHR), and Student Alliance for Global Reach (SAGR). Members of GHAC may work together to write for Global Pulse, AMSA's International Health Journal.

Also, in recent months, the board of UMich AMSA has been working hard to bring IFMSA bilateral exchanges to Michigan, a unique program where students can go internationally to a partnering medical school for a clinical rotation or research experience, in exchange of helping host another student here. With nearly 100 National Member Organizations and 89 countries worldwide, we are excited to join the IFMSA family. This is the first year of what we hope to be a long-standing program, and the UMHS will be receiving our first student this July, coming from Spain!

Come join our team, apply your global perspective, and learn how to make a difference within and beyond our nation's borders.

Past events this year
World AIDS day caroling event at Rep. Dingell's office
December 1st being World AIDS day, 15 white coat wearing medical students traveled to Rep Dingell's office in Ypsilanti and sang re-written holiday carols on the street for passersby. The songs were re-written to remind Rep. Dingell (and those who passed by) the importance of federal funding for HIV/AIDS programming, and how current language in the health care legislation limits access to biologic drugs. The event was covered by the Michigan Daily as well as the Ann Arbor News.

World AIDS day talk on the role of rehabilitation, by Dr. Andrew Haig
Dr. Andrew Haig, PM&R, spoke about how we currently only measure the impact of AIDS in bodybags, but as more people start living with AIDS, we need to focus on quality of life for those who live with the virus, and how we can help rehabilitation practices.

Movie screening of SASA, and signing petition supporting CEDAW
Sasa is a Kiswahili word, meaning "now." The 30-minute documentary film shared personal stories of violence and HIV/AIDS by men and women in mainly Uganda and Tanzania. The movie was paused a few times and the audience was engaged in discussion on their thoughts on some of the points brought up in the film, mainly about the connections between women's rights, domestic violence, and susceptibility to HIV/AIDS. Also during the movie, a petition supporting CEDAW (Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women) was passed around and audience members were encouraged to read about it and sign. Links to some relevant future reading are here:

full text of CEDAW

Online petition urging the US to join the other 186 countries in signing CEDAW, and othr fact sheets


One of AMSA-GHAC's current missions is compile a list of activities related to (albeit nebulous tag of ) global health. With our paths often crossing, we would like to help set up a way for us to all be aware of other events and projects - coordinate collaborative efforts instead of overlapping each other's themes.

We have created a google-calendar that you can plug into your own google-calendar so you are always aware of when these events happen.

Instructions to add the calendar to your own google calendar:
1) In your gmail account, open the "calendar" tab in the left top corner (yeah this step should not be a surprise)
2) In the left column of your calendar, there is a box for "Other calendars" Click the button for "Add" at the bottom
3) Select "Add by URL"
4) In the URL box, paste the following address: and click "add calendar"
5) Voila! Events compiled on this calendar should show up on their own!

* If you ever want to hide this calendar from view, you can click on its listing in "Other calendars" and it will all disappear.

*If you are planning an event and would like info about it publically available on the calendar, please email Yorgos ( with the time,date, purpose, etc. magically, it will appear in everyone's google calendar shortly thereafter :-)