Objective: The objective of Health Coverage for All is to provide information about ways to gain access to various health insurance programs in Michigan so that individuals who are eligible for health coverage can take advantage of such resources. People may not be aware of or do not know how to apply for these programs include Medicaid, Medicare, or state specific programs such as MiChild/Healthy Kids.

Vision: More than 10% of the Michigan population has no health coverage (State Health Access Data Assistance Center, 2007). Furthermore, many individuals have lost their health insurance during these difficult economic times. Looking ahead in the long term, the newly passed healthcare reform laws may affect health coverage for many individuals. The medical student group aims to contribute to the community in a sustainable manner by setting up an infrastructure to help the uninsured find health coverage in the Ann Arbor and greater Michigan area. We hope to start locally this year, but with the help of the American Medical Student Association (AMSA) we can branch out to other regions and states as well.