Membership Benefits

*See full list of benefits here

  • Insurance, books, medical equipment, and travel savings
  • Loan and other financial assistance
  • Free and Discounted Subscriptions to the Medical Letter.
  • Subscription to the New Physician magazine
  • Career Development services

How to join AMSA nationally and join the local UM chapter of AMSA:

  1. Click on this and fill out and submit the form. Input your credit card to pay the $75 dues to National AMSA that covers you for up to 5 years of med school.

  2. Drop off the $10 chapter dues (also for the whole 5 years) to the mailbox of Scott Kizy, M2 extraordinaire and AMSA treasurer -- preferably a check made out Univ of Michigan chapter of AMSA, but if it has to be cash, put it in an envelope with your name and if possible one of those "radioactive waste" stickers on the outside (to deter thieves)

  3. Fill out this form to let us at the UM chapter know of your new membership.

  4. Kick your feet up, clasp your hands behind your head and bask in the warm glow of accomplishment. You won't need to watch any more lectures that day, you'll feel so darn good about yourself.

  5. Kick some activism a$$ as an AMSA member! (starting the next day...)

To Receive a Free Netter Atlas of Human Anatomy, you must complete 3 steps:

  1. Sign up for the Bank of America's AMSA credit card online at : and PLEASE MAKE SURE TO PRINT THE CONFIRMATION
  2. Print both:
    • your AMSA membership application or AMSA membership online confirmation sheet
    • your Bank of America Credit Card application confirmation sheet
  3. Contact to turn in these forms and
    receive your Netter.