Movie Gallery

Below you will find some examples of anime in action. Caution: files are extremely large, as we wanted to preserve the quality of the animation.

Brave King Gao Gai Gar opening (MPEG, 41.3MB)

A "new old-school" mecha series that pokes fun at decades of material from the genre. Note the transformation sequences and the character art.

Cowboy Bebop opening (MPEG, 20.4MB)

A sci-fi action shounen full of the best artwork and music around, Cowboy Bebop aims to please the male crowd.

Love Hina opening (MPEG, 20.5MB)

What happens when you place one college-aged boy in charge of a dormitory for young, nubile women? Love Hina.

Card Captor Sakura opening (MPEG, 18.4MB)

A charming shoujo series referenced many places on our site, CCS is a great example of shoujo art style and plot development.

Neon Genesis Evangelion clip (MPEG, 19.1MB)

A clip of Shinji fighting the 13th angel. Or rather, Unit 01 fighting the 13th angel. (Warning : May be a spoiler)

Neon Genesis Evangelion clip (MPEG, 5.8MB)

Rei acting heroically inside Unit 00.
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