Two Hundred and Fourteenth Meeting

The 214th Meeting of the AOS will be held in San Diego between March 12-15, 2004. Please note that again the Meeting will begin on Friday afternoon and end on Monday at noon.

(Dues and Meeting Forms are available for download below)

Hotel and Reservations: A block of conference-rate accommodations has been reserved at the DoubleTree Hotel (Mission Valley), 7450 Hazard Center Drive, San Diego, CA 92108. The hotel features complimentary airport shuttle, valet and guest parking, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, fitness center, 2 tennis courts, and a jogging trail. It is located close to the San Diego Zoo/Balboa Park and a direct trolley line to Tijuana.

Conference room rates are $149 for single, $159 double, per night. Telephone 619-297-5466 (direct) or 1-800-222-TREE (nationwide). Mention American Oriental Society Meeting, with the specific dates above. Check-in time is 3:00 p.m., and check-out time is 11:00 a.m. You must make reservations well in advance of the meeting, since room availability cannot be guaranteed after February 27, 2004. After this cutoff date, any uncommitted rooms in the block we have reserved will be released for general sale, and additional reservation requests will be accepted if rooms are available.

Toll-free Reservations: 1-800-222-TREE ; local phone: 619-297-5466; Fax: 619-297-5499; DoubleTree Website:

Online booking of room reservations at the DoubleTree: Use the Group/Convention code "AOS".

The Society’s contract with the DoubleTree Hotel for securing conference rates requires that a minimum number of rooms per night be reserved and occupied by members for the duration of the meeting. Thus, your stay at the DoubleTree assures that the AOS will not be assessed extremely high fees for meeting and banquet space rental. We truly need your cooperation in this matter.

Hotel Location: The DoubleTree Hotel is located at 7450 Hazard Center Drive, San Diego:

Complimentary Airport Shuttle Pick-up is provided daily between 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. There is a $5.00 fee for return shuttle service. Transportation requests after hours are provided by Cloud 9 at a minimal expense to the guest.

From Airport Directions: 7 miles N.E. Take Harbor Drive toward downtown. Turn left on Grape Street. At top of hill, right lanes to 5 South. 5 South to 163 North. Exit Friar's Road East. Turn right in Frazee and right on Hazard Center Drive.

General Arrival Directions

Montgomery Field: Located 4 miles North of hotel. Take Sandrock south, turn right on Murray Canyon, turn right at stop sign (Mission Center Road), turn right on Hazard Center Drive (6 traffic lights down).

Friar's Road and Frazee Road:

From the North: Interstate 5 south to 805 south to 163 south. Exit Friar's Road and turn right on Friar's Road. First right on Frazee, 2nd light turn right on Hazard Center Road. Interstate 15 south to 163 south. Exit Friar's Road and turn right on Friar's Road. First right on Frazee to 2nd right on Hazard Center Drive.

From the South: Interstate 5 north to 8 east to 163 north. (Or 5 north to 163 north) Exit Friar's Road East. Turn right on Frazee Road, turn right on Hazard Center Drive.

From the East: Interstate 8 west to 163 north. Exit Friar's Road east. Turn right on Frazee and turn right on Hazard Center Drive.

From the West: Interstate 8 east to 163 north. Exit Friar's Road east. Turn right on Frazee. Turn right on Hazard Center Drive.

All sessions will be held at the DoubleTree Hotel. The Annual Subscription Banquet will take place on Sunday evening, March 14, also at the hotel. The Program, which will be mailed to you in late January, 2004, will provide information on other special activities and events to take take place during the meeting.

Members of the Society are hereby invited to submit communications to be presented at the 214th Meeting. Please complete and return the enclosed Announcement of Communication form and an Abstract of the proposed paper to the Office of the Secretary BEFORE NOVEMBER 1, 2003. No paper will be considered unless an Abstract of it is submitted according to the guidelines set forth in the next paragraph. The Announcement and Abstract must also be accompanied by the completed Pre-registration form and Fee and your 2004 Dues Payment. Members who submit papers will be notified by mail of their inclusion on the Program soon after January 15, 2004. Sectional Committee Chairmen, whose names are listed on the verso of the title page of the Journal , should be contacted directly only in the matter of organizing special panels. (Refer also to:

Abstracts of no more than 300 words should cover the following points: (a) the precise topic treated, (b) your exact contribution to the problem, (c) its relationship to previous scholarship on the topic, (d) specific conclusions. Abstracts should be typed or word-processor produced and submitted in duplicate. Please do not submit draft-quality or dot-matrix printed abstracts, since these cannot be scanned efficiently for the production of the published Abstracts of the Meeting. Please also keep in mind that abstracts of papers accepted for presentation will appear in the published Abstracts in the way in which they have been submitted. It is impossible for this Office to edit them. Please transliterate non-roman writing systems.

Papers from non-members, except for those of invited visiting scholars, cannot be considered because of the expense the Society bears in running the Annual Meeting. When inviting colleagues and students who are not AOS members to participate in the program, please inform them that they should apply for membership at the time they submit abstracts. Papers will be considered only if members are in good standing (2004 dues paid by the time of submission of abstracts) and only when materials are submitted in full with the necessary pre-registration fee. We emphasize that abstracts submitted by non-members (except for those scholars invited by members to participate in special panels), by members not in good standing, or without the pre-registration fee are considered unacceptable for inclusion in the Program and will not be forwarded to Sectional Committee Chairs for review. Please respond to the Call for Papers only if you plan to attend the Meeting. Failure to present a paper that has been accepted on the Program creates a very poor impression of the Society and is particularly discourteous to those members who may have travelled great distances just to hear certain communications.

All materials must to submitted by November 1, 2003, to the Office of the Secretary, American Oriental Society, Hatcher Graduate Library, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-1205; telephone 734-647-4760.

Submission of Abstracts and Meeting Forms
You are encouraged to submit Abstracts via E-MAIL; however, you must also submit paper copies of the abstract, pre-registration form, and announcement of communication via ordinary mail. (We use the paper copies of abstracts to restore formatting and other features, such as diacrtics, in the printed abstracts distributed at the meeting.) Send e-mail abstracts to: with the subject line: AOS Abstract. Send the files either as plain text in the email message, or send formatted files as e-mail attachments. Please name the file as follows: YourlastnameFirstinitial.doc (or .wpd, .txt, .pdf, .rtf, etc.), e.g., SmithJ.doc.
Abstracts may be submitted on COMPUTER DISKS in any format (PC or Mac). You must also submit paper copies. Mark your disk with your name, computer type, and file format. We can return it to you at the meeting.
You may also submit materials via FAX between the hours of 18:00 and 08:00 Eastern Time, from October 1 through November 1, 2003, to 734-763-6743. (If you prefer this means, we ask, nevertheless, that you also transmit the abstract, if possible, in one of the other two electronic forms, i.e., via e-mail or on disk.)
We thank you for your anticipated participation and cooperation.

2004 Annual Meeting Forms for Download (Some MS Internet Explorer for Windows users have experienced difficulties in displaying and printing these .PDF files. A work-around solution is to right-click on the file and specify that you wish to save the file in a local directory on your computer (i.e., “save target as”). If you use Netscape, you should not experience difficulty.)

1. Announcement of Communication
2. Pre-Registration Form
3. Dues Payment and Address Changes Form
4. Credit Card Payment Form
5. Call for Papers 2004 Annual Meeting (This file)
6. AOS Membership Application Form Please distribute to colleagues and students who are not yet members and might wish to attend the meeting or present a communication.

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