American Oriental Society

Admission to membership in the AOS is accomplished by the submission of the membership application form and payment of annual dues. Every student, professional or amateur, of the languages and cultures of the Orient will be a valuable addition to the American Oriental Society. The addition of new members, whether university-affiliated or independent scholars, helps to perpetuate the 150 year humanistic tradition of the American Oriental Society.

Annual dues are $80.00 per year for regular membership; $40 per year for student and retired memberships; $20 may be added to dues for associate or joint membership of a family member. Members residing abroad are assessed an additional $5.00 for international postage expenses.

All publications of the Society are available to members at a 20% discount through Eisenbrauns, and occasionally special sales of publications are held at greatly reduced prices. Membership includes an annual subscription to the Journal.

Life Membership in the AOS may be entered by one-time payment of $2,400. On occasion, Honorary Membership is bestowed by vote of the regular membership upon non-American scholars of outstanding distinction and accomplishment.

Honorary Members of the American Oriental Society

Life Members of the American Oriental Society


Payment of membership dues brings annual membership and these additional benefits:
    1. Subscription to Journal of the American Oriental Society, in print and online through a member JSTOR account. Table of contents (article and reviews) of current issues of JAOS, including article abstracts beginning with v. 133, will appear soon on the AOS web site (currently only TOC of articles)
    2. Annual Meeting, where formal papers offering the results of recent research are presented and discussed and opportunities for informal discussion and conversation among colleagues. As part of outreach effort to graduate students and recent PhD's, the AOS plans to add a professionalizing session during the graduate student breakfast at the Annual Meeting (e.g., tips about preparation for job talks, how to prepare better handouts, etc. The first one will take place at the March 2014 meeting in Phoenix.
    3. Member-exclusive discounts from two publishers:
       20% discount on any book from Gorgias Press ( - AOS discount code: AOS-PLAL
       20% discount on the society's publications in Eisenbrauns (, including the AOS Series, Essays, and Translation Series.
       Discounts at Brill (coming soon)
    4. AOS Facebook presence ( for recent news.

Membership Application

Membership in the Society is open to all persons interested in Oriental Studies. Anyone wishing to become a member is invited to request a membership application by writing to:

American Oriental Society
Hatcher Graduate Library, University of Michigan,
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1190

Telephone the Office of the Society at (734) 647-4760.

E-mail inquiries may be sent to:

Electronic Membership Application Form

Prospective members may complete and submit the electronic membership application form. This form will send the application information to the AOS Office and generate an e-mail reply with instructions on completing the application process.

Forms Available Online

For convenience and efficiency however, one might prefer to download and print a membership application form and dues payment form with a credit card payment form. In Windows, either left-click on the file to display and print, or right-click and specify that you wish to print or save the file in a local dirctory on your computer. These forms may be completed and submitted with payment immediately by mail. You may fax (734-480-8017) credit card information for payment. Membership will become effective when the office receives the forms and payment. The AOS Office will send a welcome letter to confirm membership.

AOS Membership Directory

The 2014 AOS Membership Directory (©American Oriental Society) in PDF (250K file) is available free for download. Printed versions are also available at a cost of $35.00 per copy. Please e-mail requests for printed copies to (with the subject line "AOS Directory Request").

The Online Membership Directory can be searched. (Access is retricted to AOS members.)

Address Changes

Please send address changes and other additional or corrected information for the membership files to the Office of the Secretary, or submit the electronic changes/corrections form.

Subscriptions to JAOS

Subscriptions to the Journal of the American Oriental Society are included with membership in the Society ($80.00 per year for regular membership; $40 per year for student and retired memberships; $20 added to dues for associate or joint membership of a family member). Members residing abroad are assessed an adidtional $5.00 for international postage expenses.

Institutional subscriptions ($175 + $10 international postage) are available by direct subscription or through agents (discounted by $10).

Individual issues of the Journal of may be purchased ($50.00 including surface postage) from the Ann Arbor Office. Back issues are available from vol. 120 (2000); in limited numbers, some issues earlier than vol. 120 are also available. ProQuest Microfilm is the vendor of microfilm back-runs (vol. 1 through current issues) of the Journal.