Call for Papers 2011 - Seminar for Arabian Studies Conference

Dear Colleagues,

We are very pleased to announce that the 45th Seminar for Arabian Studies Conference will be held at the British Museum from Thursday 28th July 2011 to Saturday 30th July 2011.

The Seminar for Arabian Studies is the only international forum that meets annually for the presentation of the latest academic research in the humanities on the Arabian Peninsula from the earliest times to the present day or, in the case of political and social history, to the end of the Ottoman Empire (1922). The Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies are published the following year in time for the next Seminar.

The Seminar for Arabian Studies also hosts the MBI Al Jaber Foundation Public Lecture on the Thursday evening of the Conference. The subject of this year’s lecture will be ‘Petra and Hegra: the stone cities of the Nebataeans’. This will be presented by Dr Laïla Nehmé of the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Orient et Méditerranée.

Call for Papers

If you wish to offer a paper to the Conference, please send a 200-word abstract to before the 15 February 2011 for consideration by the Steering Committee. Abstracts that are significantly over the word limit may rejected. Abstracts submitted after the deadline may be accepted or rejected only at the discretion of the Seminar.

Abstracts must include:

1) the name(s) and full contact details (affiliation(s)) of the contributor(s);

2) the title of the proposed paper;

3) what the proposed paper intends to cover;

4) an outline of the approach it will take;

5) indicate the significance of the topic;

6) five keywords;

7) three relevant bibliographical references.

Presentations are limited to 20 minutes, with an additional 5 minutes for discussion.

Due to programme time constraints, and the ever-increasing number of abstracts received, there is no guarantee that all papers will be accepted. The Steering Committee will select those abstracts that are most scholarly, with a strong, focused statement of thesis or importance, with clear aims and methodology, well-organized research data, specified sources and convincing, coherent conclusions. As in previous years, the Committee normally only accept one abstract from any given project.

Only those papers that are physically presented at the Seminar will be considered for publication in the Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies and will be subject to editorial review.

Session Proposals

The Committee is willing to consider possible Session Proposals. A Session Proposal must include a minimum of four papers and have a clear scholarly focus with the explicate purpose to promote discussion and debate on work currently in progress, the current state of scholarship, issues involved in the application of new approaches and models etc. A Session Proposal should be sent with a session summary along with abstracts outlined as above for individual abstracts. The Committee will still consider each session abstract individually. A Session chair may be nominated but a final decision on this will remain with the Committee.


The deadline for the submission of Posters is the 30 May 2011. A poster submission form and guidelines will be available on the Seminar’s website soon.  Please note that from July 2011 onwards, poster presentations will not be included in the Proceedings but will be uploaded onto the Seminar website with the layout and text used for the poster that was physically displayed at the Conference.

Details of the Seminar for Arabian Studies can be found on our website, and it is hoped a provisional programme will be available by May 2011.

For further information please contact

Seminar for Arabian Studies,

c/o The British Museum,

Middle East Department,

Great Russell Street,



The Steering & Editorial Committee

Dr Robert Carter (Chair), Dr Ardle Mac Mahon (Secretary), Andrew Thompson (Treasurer), Janet Starkey (PSAS Editor-in-Chief), Prof. Khaleel Al-Muaikel, Prof. Alessandra Avanzini, Dr Mark Beech, Dr Nadia Durrani, Dr Ricardo Eichmann, Prof. Clive Holes, Dr Robert G. Hoyland, Dr Derek Kennet, Michael C.A. Macdonald, Dr Venetia Porter, Prof Dan Potts, Prof. Christian Robin, Dr St. John Simpson, Prof. Janet Watson & Dr Lloyd Weeks