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Subscriptions to the quarterly Journal of the American Oriental Society are included with membership in the Society ($80.00 per year for regular membership; $40 per year for student and retired memberships; $20 added to dues for associate or joint membership of a family member). Members residing abroad are assessed an adidtional $5.00 for international postage expenses.

Institutional subscriptions, beginning with v. 133 (2013) (.pdf rate sheet), are available by direct subscription: US$175 per four issue volume (+ $10 international surface postage for subscribers outside the United States = total US$185).

Subscriptions placed by vendors or agents for subscribers are discounted to US$165 per volume (+ $10 international surface postage = total US$175). Subscriptions include BOTH print and electronic access through JSTOR Current Scholarship Program. No subscription refunds can be granted after the publication of the first issue of a volume.

Individual current or back issues of the Journal may be purchased for US$50.00 or US$40.00 (including surface post and vendor discount) from the Ann Arbor Office. Back issues are available beginning with vol. 120 (2000). NA Publishing, Inc(Catalog#2181.00 - v. 1-134 - 1842-2014). is the vendor of microfilm back-runs (vol. 1 through current issues) of the Journal. A complete run (except for the seven most recent volumes) of the Journal is available electronically through JSTOR subscription.

Advertising and Mailing List Rental

The Journal accepts as camera-ready copy or PDF files advertising at the rate of $250 per full-page ad, including vendor discount.

Ads reach approximately 600 institutional print subscribers, 800 individual members, and countless electronic institutional subscribers through aggregator vendors (ProQuest, Wilson, Ebsco, Gale Group Databases, Cengage, etc.)

Ads must conform to the following specifications:

For more detailed instruction, please refer to: http://www.eisenbrauns.com/page/PUB_ADS

Please contact the AOS Office in Ann Arbor for details: (734) 647-4760; e-mail. JAOS does not accept job postings.

Mailing list rental (as labels or a one-time-use-only file, and not for re-distribution, approx. 1200 names) costs $150.

Claims for Missing or Damaged Issues

Before sending claims for missing issues of JAOS, please refer to the publication schedule on the JAOS page to determine if the missing issue has actually appeared yet.

The latest issue mailed to members and subscribers is:

The current issue of JAOS is 134:4 Oct-Dec 2014): Mailed to members and subscribers beginning the week of 5 April 2015.

You may use this link to send an email claim to the AOS Office: