Volume 119 / Number 2 / April-June 1999

ISSN 0003-0279




ABDELKADER I. TAYOB, Tabari on the Companions of the Prophet: Moral and Political Contours in Islamic Historical Writing    203
ROBERT D. HOBERMAN and ALEXIS MANASTER RAMER, Sephardic Scansion and Phonological Theory    211
STEPHEN F. DALE and ALAM PAYIND, The Ahr¯ar¯i Waqf in Kabul in the year 1546 and the Mugh¯ul Naqshbandiyyah    218
HERBERT VERRETH, The Egyptian Eastern Border Region in Assyrian Sources    234
JOEL P. BRERETON, Edifying Puzzlement: Rgveda 10.129 and the Uses of Enigma     248
DAVID W. PANKEINIER, Applied Field- Allocation Astrology in Zhou China: Duke Wen of Jin and the Battle of Chengpu (632 B.C )   261
CHARLES HOLCOMBE, Trade-Buddhism: Maritime Trade, Immigration, and the Buddhist Landfall in Early Japan    280

Review Articles

HERMAN L. J. VANSTIPHOUT, A New Edition of Gilgamesh and Akka    293
GEORGE THOMPSON, Riddles and Enigmas    297

Brief Communications

CHRISTINE LILYQUIST, On the Amenhotep III Inscribed Faience Fragments from Mycenae    303
JOHN MAKUJINA, Dismemberment in Dan 2:5 and 3:29 as an Old Persian Idiom, "To Be Made into Parts"    309

Reviews of Books     313

Books Received     373