Volume 119 / Number 3/ July-September 1999

ISSN 0003-0279




W. H. MCLEOD, Discord in the Sikh Panth    381
MICHAEL R. DROMPP, Breaking the Orkhon Tradition: Kirghiz Adherence to the Yenisei Region after A.D. 840    390
KEN-ICHI TAKASHIMA, The So-Called "Third"-Person Possessive Pronoun jue [ ] in Classical Chinese    404
JOHN C. REEVES, Manichaica Aramaica? Adam and the Magical Deliverance of Seth    432
RON SHAHAM, An Egyptian Judge in a Period of Change: Q¯a.d¯i A.hmad Mu.hammad Sh¯akir (1892-1958)    440

Review Articles

ROY ANDREW MILLER, The Dissertation as Handbook: A New Guide to the Shuo-wen chieh-tzu    457

Brief Communications

DENIS SINOR, Remembering Paul Pelliot, 1878-1945    467
MATTHEW W. WATERS, Te'umman in the Neo-Assyrian Correspondence    473
ARVIND SHARMA, P. V. Kane's Homeric Nod    478
ARLO GRIFFITHS and Alexander LUBOTSKY, Postscript on Vedic jangahe    480
ERIC P. HAMP, An Indo-European Locution on Early Indian Coin Issues    482
HERMANN LANDOLT, Henry Corbin, 1903-1978: Between Philosophy and Orientalism    484

Reviews of Books

MALLORY and ADAMS, eds.: Encyclopedia of Indo-European Culture (Bernard Sergent)    491
BRETON: Atlas of the Languages and Ethnic Communities of South Asia (Michael C. Shapiro)    495
KARTTUNEN: India and the Hellenistic World (A. K. Narain)    496
TORELLA, tr.: The I´svarapratyabhijñ¯ak¯arik¯a of Utpaladeva with the Author's Vrtti (Enrica Garzilli)    497
VYAS: Buddhist Theory of Perception (Masaaki Hattori)    498
SCHNEIDER: Suk.rtidatta Pantas K¯artav¯iryodaya: Ein neuzeitliches Sanskrit-Mah¯ak¯avya aus Nepal (Ludo Rocher)    500
CHOJNACKI: Vividhat¯irthakalpah: Regards sur le lieu saint Jaina (John E. Cort)    502
R. SMITH: Rule by Records: Land Registration and Village Custom in Early British Punjab (Louis E. Fenech)    503
ASHER and KUMARI: Malayalam (Sanford Steever)    504
CHEVILLARD: Le Commentaire de C¯en¯avaraiyar sur le Collatik¯aram du Tolk¯appiyam: Sur le métalangue grammaticale des maîtres commentateurs tamouls médiévaux (Sanford Steever) 505
ROSSI: From the Ocean of Painting: India's Popular Painting 1589 to the Present (W. H. McLeod)    506
KERN: Die Hymnen der chinesischen Staatsopfer: Literatur und Ritual in der politischen Repräsentation von der Han-Zeit bis zu den Sechs Dynastien (Haun Saussy)    507
BARNARD and CHEUNG: The Shan-fu Liang Kuei and Associated Inscribed Vessels (C. A. Cook)    508
HEFRVOUER: Amour et politique dans la Chine ancienne: Cent poèmes de Li Shangyin (812-858) (Paul W. Kroll)    510
STUCKENBRUCK: The Book of Giants from Qumran (Edward M. Cook)    511
SCHMIDT: Israel's Beneficent Dead. Ancestor Cult and Necromancy in Ancient Israelite Religion and Tradition (Theodore J. Lewis)    512
LEVINSON: Deuteronomy and the Hermeneutics of Legal Innovation (John Van Seters)    514
MENN: Judah and Tamar (Genesis 38) in Ancient Jewish Exegesis: Studies in Literary Form and Hermeneutics(Steven Weitzman)    515
DOTAN, ed.: The Dawn of Hebrew Linguistics: The Book of Elegance of the Language of the Hebrews [by Saadia Gaon] (Yona Sabar)    516
CUNCHILLOSs and ZAMORA: Gramática Fenicia Elemental (Stanislav Segert)    517
DION: Les Aramiéens a l'âge du fer: Histoire politique et structures sociales (André Lemaire)    518
SWINY, et al., eds.: Res Maritimae: Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean from Prehistory to Late Antiquity (Eric H. Cline)    520
VAN DE MIEROOP: The Ancient Mesopotamian City (Mark W. Chavalas)    520
JAKOB-ROST: Keilschrifttexte aus Boghazk&y im Vorderasiatischen Museum (H. Craig Melchert)    521
HILGERT: Cuneiform Texts from the Ur III Period in the Oriental Institute, vol. 1: Drehem Administrative Documents from the Reign ´Sulgi (Wolfgang Heimpel)    522
ROCHBERG: Babylonian Horoscopes (J. M. Steele)    524
MATTHEWS: The Early Glyptic of Tell Brak: Cylinder Seals of Third Millennium Syria (Elena Rova)    525
AKKERMANS, ed.: Tell Sabi Abyad, the Late Neolithic Settlement: Report on the Excavations... in Syria (1991-1993) (Glenn M. Schwartz)    526
KAYE, ed.: Phonologies of Asia and Africa (Including the Caucasus) (Joshua Fox)    527
NEWMAN: Hausa and the Chadic Language Family: A Bibliography (Alan S. Kaye)    528
TALMON: Arabic Grammar in its Formative Age: Kitab al-'Ayn and its Attribution to Halil b. A.hmad (Monique Bernards)    529
BERNARDS: Changing Traditions: Al-Mubarrad's Refutation of S¯ibawayh and the Subsequent Reception of the Kitab (Ramzi Baalbaki)    532
AL-SAMARRAI, ed.: Kit¯ab al-ridda wa'l fut¯uh and Kit¯ab al-jamal wa mas¯ir `¯A'isha wa `Al¯i (Michael Lecker)    533
HEATH: The Thirsty Sword: S¯irat 'Antar and the Arabic Popular Epic (Remke Kruk)    534
HOVANNISIAN and SABAGH, eds.: The Thousand and One Nights in Arabic Literature and Society (David Pinault)    536
ARMBRUST: Mass Culture and Modernism in Egypt (Devin J. Stewart)    537
BELLER-HANN: A History of Cathay: A Translation and Linguistic Analysis of a Fifteenth-Century Turkic manuscript (Robert Dankoff )    539
GYSELEN, ed.: Sites el monuments disparus d'apràs les témoinages de voyageurs (Yasser Tabbaa)    540
HALM: The Fatimids and Their Traditions of Learning (Ismail K. Poonawala)    542
TAPPER: Frontier Nomads of Iran: A Political and Social History of Shahsevan (Willem Floor)    542
NANJI, ed.: Mapping Islamic Studies: Genealogy, Continuity, and Change (Herbert Berg)    544

Brief Reviews of Books

PARKER, ed.: Ugaritic Narrative Poetry (Gregorio del Olmo Lete)    547
ENGLUND: Proto-Cuneiform Textsfrom Diverse Collections (J.-J. Glassner)    547
STROUMSA: Hidden Wisdom: Esoteric Traditions and the Roots of Christian Mysticism (John C. Reeves)    548
DUGUID: Ezekiel and the Leaders of Israel (Moshe Greenberg)    549
LIVNE-KAFRI, ed.: Fa.d¯a'il Bayt al-Maqdis wa al-Khal¯il wa-fa.d¯a'il al-Sh¯am (Donald P. Little) 549
SCH0TZ: Armeno-Turcica: Selected Studies (Robert Dankoff )    549
DE JONG: Tibetan Studies (Alex Wayman)    550
KLEIN: Meeting the Great Bliss Queen (Doris Klostermaier)    550
ARNOLD and GUHA, eds.: Nature, Culture, Imperialism: Essays on the Environmental History of South Asia (Rosane Rocher)    551
WOLPERT: Nehru: A Tryst with Destiny (Ludo Rocher)    551
RAYCHAUDHURI: Political History of Ancient India [reedition; first published, 1923 (Ludo Rocher)    552
GOYAL: History Writing of early India; GOYAL: The Image of Classical India (Ludo Rocher)    553
RAJAN: K¯alid¯asa. The Loom of Time: A Selection of His Plays and Poems (Ludo Rocher)    553
VARADACHARI: Descriptive Catalogue of Manuscripts in the French Institute of Pondicherry, vol. 3 (Ludo Rocher)    554
ROTHERMUND, ed.: Erste heidelberger Südasiengespräche; CONRAD and ZINGEL, eds.: Zweite heidelberger Südasiengespräche; BERKEMER and FRASCH, eds.: Fünfte heidelberger Südasiengespräche; BERKEMER and FRASCH, eds.: Sechste heidelberger Südasiengespräche; BOHLE et al., eds.: Siebte heidelberger Südasiengespräche (Ludo Rocher)    554
MIRSKY: Sir Aurel Stein, Archaeological Explorer (Paul W. Kroll)    555
MAIR, ed.: The Bronze Age and Early Iron Age Peoples of Eastern Central Asia (Paul W. Kroll)    555
HOLZMAN: Chinese Literature in Transition from Antiquity to the Middle Ages; HOLZMAN: Immortals, Festivals, and Poetry in Medieval China (Paul W. Kroll)    556
Dieny, ed.: Hommage à Kwong Hing Foon: Études d'histoire culturelle de la Chine (Paul W. Kroll)    557