Volume 122 / Number 3 / July—September 2002

ISSN 0003-0279




LISBETH S. FRIED, The High Places (Bamot) and the Reforms of Hezekiah and Josiah: An Archaeological Investigation     437
LEO DEPUYDT, The Date of Death of Jesus of Nazareth     466
EERIK DICKINSON, Ibn al-Salah al-Shahrazuri and the Isnad     481
JONATHAN CHAVES, Wu Li (1632-1718) and the First Chinese Christian Poetry     506
NEWELL ANN VAN AUKEN, The Etymonic Determinatives of wanq     520

Review Articles

EVA VON DASSOW, Advances in Late Babylonian     535
A. F. RAINEY, Down-to-Earth Biblical History     542
ABRAHAM GOLDBERG, A Recent Volume in the Kohlhammer Tosefta Series     548
CHRIS WEN-CHAO LI, X-Slots, Feature Trees, and the Chinese Sound Inventory
     A Twenty-first Century Take on Mandarin Phonological Structure     553
DAVID C. REISMAN, A New Standard for Avicenna Studies     562
BARBARA R. VON SCHLEGELL, Translating Sufism     578

Brief Communication

JAMES A. BELLAMY, A Further Note on `Isa     587

Reviews of Books

COLE and MACHINIST: Letters from Priests to the Kings Esarhaddon and Assurbanipal (Barbara Nevling Porter)     589
PEDDE, HEINZ and MULLER-NEUHOE: Uruk Kleinfunde IV: Metall- und Steinobjekte im Vorderasiatischen Museum zu Berlin (Zainab al-Bahrani)     592
VANDERHOOFT: The Neo-Babylonian Empire and Babylon in the Latter Prophets (Lisbeth S. Fried)     592
YAMADA: The Construction of the Assyrian Empire: A Historical Study of the Inscriptions of Shalmaneser III (859-824 B.C.) Relating to His Campaigns in the West (A. Fuchs)     594
LEVINE et al., eds.: Frank Moore Cross Volume (William W. Hallo)     597
CRAWFORD: Early Dilmun Seals from Saar: Art and Commerce in Bronze Age Bahrain (Rudolf H. Mayr)     599
GALLAGHER: Sennacherib's Campaign to Judah: New Studies (K. Lawson Younger, Jr.)     600
GRAEFE: Mittelägyptisch: Grammatik für Anfänger, 6th ed. (Leo Depuydt)     602
MURAOKA and PORTEN: A Grammar of Egyptian Aramaic (John Huehnergard)     604
SCHORCH: Euphemismen in der hebräischen Bibel (Scott Noegel)     607
HALPERN: David's Secret Demons: Messiah, Murder, Traitor, King (John Van Seters).     609
FlTZMYER: The Dead Sea Scrolls and Christian Origins (W. Th. van Peursen)     611
FLINT, ed.: The Bible at Qumran: Text, Shape, and Interpretation (W. Th. van Peursen); DAVILA: Liturgical Works (W. Th. van Peursen)     613
BURNETT: A Reassessment of Biblical Elohim (Robert Karl Gnuse)     614
DE BARY et al., eds.: Sources of Japanese Tradition, vol. 1: From Earliest Times to 1600, 2nd ed. (Roy Andrew Miller)     615
HOLCOMBE: The Genesis of East Asia, 221 B.C.-A.D. 907 (Jennifer W. Jay)     619
HONEY: Incense at the Altar: Pioneering Sinologists and the Development of Classical Chinese Philology (Edwin G. Pulleyblank)     620
WU: Exhibiting Experimental Art in China (Robert E. Harrist, Jr.)     624
SOMMER: Sex, Law, and Society in Late Imperial China (Bradly W. Reed)     626
ANDERSEN: The Demon Chained under Turtle Mountain: The History and Mythology of the Chinese River Spirit Wuzhiqi (Paul R. Katz)     628
YU: Reading the Chuang-tzu in the T'ang Dynasty: The Commentary of Ch'eng Hsüan-ying (fl. 631-652) (Russell Kirkland)     629
AIGLE, ed.: Miracle et Karama: Hagiographies médiévales comparées, 2 (Christopher Melchert)     633
KRAMER, ed.: The Jewish Discovery of Islam: Studies in Honor of Bernard Lewis (Charles E. Butterworth)     635
WATSON: Wasf San`a: Texts in San`ani Arabic (Alan S. Kaye) 637
BRETT: The Rise of the Fatimids: The World of the Mediterranean and the Middle East in the Tenth Century CE (Paul E. Walker)     638
MARSHALL: God, Muhammad and the Unbelievers: A Qur'anic Study (Todd Lawson)     639
STILLMAN: Arab Dress: A Short History, From the Dawn of Islam to Modern Times (Carol Bier)     641
PAMUK: A Monetary History of the Ottoman Empire (Warren C. Schultz)     642
STEIGERWALD: Majlis: Discours sur I'Ordre et la création (Farhad Daftary)     643
WASSERMAN: The Templars and the Assassins: The Militia of Heaven (Farhad Daftary)     644
VOGEL: Islamic Law and Legal System: Studies of Saudi Arabia (Ron Shaham)     646
COOPERSON: Classical Arabic Biography: The Heirs of the Prophets in Age of al-Ma'mun (Paul M. Cobb)     648

Brief Reviews of Books

HADAS-LEBEL: Histoire de la langue Hébraïque: Des origines à époque de la Mishna (John Huehnergard)     651
OFITSCH and ZINKO, eds.: 125 Jahre Indogermanistik in Graz (H. Craig Melchert)     652
KROLL, tr.: Huan K'uan: Spor o Soli y Zheleze (Yan Te Lun), vols. 1-2 (Derk Bodde)     652
KARASHIMA: A Glossary of Dharmaraksa's Translation of the Lotus Sutra (Paul W. Kroll)     653
SEIDENSTICKER: Tokyo Central: A Memoir (Paul W. Kroll)     654
RICKETT: Guanzi: Political, Economic, and Philosophical Essays from Early China, vol. 1 (Paul W. Kroll)     655
SO, ed.: Music in the Age of Confucius (Paul W. Kroll)     656
FINSTER, FRAGNER and HAFENRICHTER, eds.: Bamberger Symposium: Rezeption in der islamischen Kunst (Jonathan M. Bloom)     657
IBN WARRAQ, ed.: The Origins of the Koran: Classic Essays on Islam's Holy Book (Todd Lawson)     658
GACEK: The Arabic Manuscript Tradition: A Glossary of Technical Terms and Bibliography (Frédéric Bauden)     658
POONAWALA, ed.: al-Sijistani's Kitab al-Iftikhar (Paul E. Walker)     659
SAYYID: al-Dawla al-fatimiyya fi Misr: Tafsir jadid (Paul E. Walker)     659