ROBERT WOODHOUSE, The Biblical Shibboleth Story in the Light of Late Egyptian Perceptions of Semitic Sibilants: Reconciling Divergent Views    271
PHILIP JONES, Embracing Inana: Legitimation and Mediation in the Ancient Mesopotamian Sacred Marriage Hymn Iddin-Dagan A    291
MARTIN KERN, The "Biography of Sima Xiangru" and the Question of the Fu in Sima Qian's Shiji    303
THEODORE N. PROFERES, Poetics and Pragmatics in the Vedic Liturgy for the Installation of the Sacrificial Post 317   
SHAFIQUE N. VIRANI, The Eagle Returns: Evidence of Continued Isma'ili Activity at Alamut and in the South Caspian Region following the Mongol Conquests     351

Brief Communications

RICHARD L. GOERWITZ, Long Hair or Short Hair in Ezekiel 44:20?    371
W. SOUTH COBLIN, The Chiehyunn System and the Current State of Chinese Historical Phonology     377

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