Table of Contents

Journal of the American Oriental Society

Volume 116 (1996)

JAOS 116.1

MICHAEL NYLAN, Confucian Piety and Individualism in Han China 1
THEODORE J. LEWIS, CT 13.33-34 and Ezekiel 32: Lion-Dragon Myths 28
DICK DAVIS, The Problem of Ferdowsi's Sources 48
JACQUELINE SUTHREN HIRST, Strategies of Interpretation: Samkara's Commentary on Brhadaranyakopanisad 58
Review Articles
STUART SARGENT, Original Insights Never Fully Present: Chan/Zen/Deconstruction 77
SHAYE J. D. COHEN, Are There Tannaitic Parallels to the Gospels? 85
JOEP LAMEER, The Organon of Aristotle in the Medieval Oriental and Occidental Traditions 90
Brief Communications
STEPHEN A. WADLEY, Altaic Influences on Beijing Dialect: The Manchu Case 99
EDWIN G. PULLEYBLANK, Prosody or Pharyngealization in Old Chinese? The Origin of the Distinction between Type A and Type B Syllables 105
JERE L. BACHARACH, Al-Amin's Designated Successor: The Limitations of Numismatic Evidence 108
C. F. ROBINSON, Al-Mu`afa b. `Imran and the Beginnings of the Tabaqat Literature 114
Reviews of Books 121
Brief Reviews of Books 175

JAOS 116.2

CHRISTA MÜLLER-KESSLER, The Story of Bguzan-Lilit, Daughter of Zanay-Lilit 185
JAMES A. BELLAMY, More Proposed Emendations to the Text of the Koran 196
PATRICK OLIVELLE, Dharmaskandhah and Brahmasamsthah: A Study of Chandogya Upanisad 2.23.1 205
JENNIFER W. JAY, Imagining Matriarchy: "Kingdoms of Women" in Tang China 220
Review Articles
WILLIAM W. HALLO, Enki and the Theology of Eridu 231
MAHMOUD OMIDSALAR, Unburdening Ferdowsi 235
GERARD FUSSMAN, Southern Bactria and Northern India before Islam: A Review of Archaeological Reports 243
Reviews of Books 261
Books Received 375

JAOS 116.3

DEVIN J. STEWART, The First Shaykh al-Islam of the Safavid Capital Qazvin 387
EERIK DICKINSON, Ahmed b. al-Salt and His Biography of Abu Hanifa 406
RICHARD SALOMON, An Inscribed Buddhist Reliquary of the Time of King Kharaosta and Prince Indravarman 418
LAURIE E. PEARCE, The Number-Syllabary Texts 453
FRANCESCA ROCHBERG, Personifications and Metaphors in Babylonian Celestial Omina 475
Review Articles
REUVEN AMITAI-PREISS, The Rise and Fall of the 'Abbasid Caliphate 487
JOHN P. KEENAN, On the Experience of Awakening: Two Reviews 495
GARY RENDSBURG, Semitic Words in Egyptian Texts 508
JOSEPH BAUMGARTEN, The "Halakha" in Miqsat Ma'ase ha-Torah 512
Brief Communications
MATTHEW W. STOLPER, A Paper Chase after the Aramaic on TCL 13 193 517
PETER SKILLING, An Arapacana Syllabary in the Bhadrakalpika-sutra 522
Reviews of Books 525
Brief Reviews of Books 589

JAOS 116.4

RICHARD M. FRANK, Hearing and Saying What Was Said (Presidential Address)
DAN MARTIN, Unearthing Bon Treasures
ANTONINO FORTE, Kuwabara's Misleading Thesis on Bukhara and the Family Name An w
PAUL W. KROLL, On "Far Roaming"
GARY N. KNOPPERS, Ancient Near Eastern Royal Grants and the Davidic Covenant: A Parallel?
JOHN A. NAWAS, The mihna of 218 A.H./833 A.D. Revisited: An Empirical Study
Review Article
GEORGE SALIBA, Writing the History of Arabic Astronomy: Problems and Differing Perspectives
Brief Communications
ERIC P. HAMP, On the Indo-European Origins of the Retroflexes in Sanskrit
PASHAURA SINGH, Guru Arjan's Ramakali Hymn: The Central Issue in the Kartarpur-Banno Debate
HSIAO-JUNG YU, The Interrogatives Employed in Honglou meng and their Bearing on the Problem of Authorship
CHARLES LACHMAN, Blindness and Oversight: Some Comments on a Dou