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Journal of the American Oriental Society

Volume 117 (1997)

Volume 117 / Number 1 / January-March 1997

ISSN 0003-0279


SAÏD AMIR ARJOMAND, Imam Absconditus and the Beginnings of a Theology of Occultation: Imami Shi'ism circa 280-90 A.H./900 A.D: 1

GEORGE THOMPSON, The Brahmodya and Vedic Discourse13

LINDA H. CHANCE, Constructing the Classic: Tsurezuregusa in Tokugawa Readings39

STEVEN D. CARTER, On a Bare Branch: Basho and the Haikai Profession57

ANNE WALTHALL, The Cult of Sensibility in Rural Tokugawa Japan: Love Poetry by Matsuo Taseko70

Review Articles

C. C. LAMBERG-KARLOVSKY, Our Past Matters: Materials and Industries of the Ancient Near87

R OKTOR SKJÆRVØ, The State of Old Avestan Scholarship103

ROBERT DANKOFF, Rabghuzi's Stories of the Prophets 115

RAHUL PETER DAS, Little Kingdoms and Big Theories of History 127

KAMIL V. ZVELEBIL, Another Nilgiri Language Treated in Depth135

Brief Communications

HANS G. GÜTERBOCK, Observations on the Tarsus Seal of Puduhepa, Queen of Hatti143

P. OKTOR SKJÆRVØ, Avestica 1: A Perfect Participle, vaoxuuanho145

DOROTHEE METLITZKI, On the Meaning of "Hatem" in Goethe's West-östlicher Divan148

Reviews of Books153

Brief Reviews of Books211

Volume 117 / Number 2 / April-June 1997

ISSN 0003-0279

In Memoriam: ERNEST BENDER, 1919-1996227


DAVID R. KNECHTGES, Gradually Entering the Realm of Delight: Food and Drink in Early Medieval China (Presidential Address)229

DOV GERA and WAYNE HOROWITZ, Antiochus IV in Life and Death: Evidence from the Babylonian Astronomical Diaries 240

MAHMOUD HADDAD, Arab Religious Nationalism in the Colonial Era: Rereading Rashid Riod's Ideas on the Caliphate253

WILLIAM S. SAX, Fathers, Sons, and Rhinoceroses: Masculinity and Violence in the Pandav Lila 278

KAMIL V. ZVELEBIL, The Tamil Vikramaditya 294

DONALD HOLZMAN, On the Authenticity of the "Preface" to the Collection of Poetry Written at the Orchid Pavilion 306

MADELINE K. SPRING, T'ang Landscapes of Exile 313

Review Articles

JOHN C. EISELE, On the Description and Representation of Arabic 325

MICHAEL C. ASTOUR, The Toponyms of Ebla 332

EDMUND PERRY, Theravada Transformed? 339

EDWIN GEROW, Abhinavagupta on Kalidasa and the Theater 343

Brief Communications

GERALD ELMORE, New Evidence on the, Early Life of Ibn al-`Arabi 347

C. M. LAi, Avian Identification of jiu in the Shijing 350

RICHARD SALOMON, A Preliminary Survey of Some Early Buddhist Manuscripts Recently Acquired by the British Library353

Reviews of Books 359

Books Received 411

Volume 117 / Number 3 / July-September 1997

ISSN 0003-0279


RICHARD VANNESS SIMMONS, A Second Look at the Towa sanyo: Clues to the Nature of the Guanhuah Studied by Japanese in the Early Eighteenth Century 419

MARK LAURENT ASSSELIN, The Lu-School Reading of "Guanju" as Preserved in an Eastern Han fu 427

MADHAV M. DESHPANDE, Who Inspired Panini? 444

ADRIAN GULLY, Tadmin, "Implication of Meaning," in Medieval Arabic 466

JODI MAGNESS, The Chronology of Capernaum in the Early Islamic Period 481

LEO DEPUYDT, Agent-less Indirect Adjectival Verb Forms in Egyptian and Arabic 487

Review Articles

DAVID N. KEIGHTLEY, Graphs, Words, and Meanings: Three Reference Works for Shang Oracle-Bone Studies, with an Excursus on the Religious Role of the Day or Sun 507

ROBERT J. ZYDENBOS, Virasaivism, Caste, Revolution, Etc. 525

TONY STREET, On Studying Medieval Arabic Logic 536

ELTON L. DANIEL, Arabs, Persians, and the Advent of the Abbasids Reconsidered 542

RONALD L. GORNY, Zippalanda and Ankuwa 549.

A. LUBOTSKY, Remarks on the Vedic Intensive 558

Reviews of Books 565

Brief Reviews of Books 617

Volume 117 / Number 4 / October-December 1997


LOUIS E. FENECH, Martyrdom and the Sikh Tradition 623

ZU-YAN CHEN, The Art of Black and White: Wei-ch'i in Chinese Poetry 643

MADELINE CHU, Journey into Desire: Monkey's Secular Experience in the Xiyoubu655

JANE HATHAWAY, The Grand Vizier and the False Messiah: The Sabbatai Sevi Controversy and the Ottoman Reform in Egypt 666

Review Article

WILLIAM A. WARD, A New Reference Work on Seal-Amulets673

Brief Communications

BRUCE LINCOLN, Pahlavi kirrenidan and Traces of Indo-Iranian Mythology 681

ELLEN JOHNSTON LAING, Qiu Ying's Other Patrons 686

Reviews of Books693

Books Received775

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