Volume 118 / Number 1 / January-March 1998

ISSN 0003-0279



ESTELLE WHELAN, Forgotten Witness: Evidence for the Early Codification of the Qur'an 1
W. H. McLEOD, Sikh Fundamentalism 15

Review Articles

REUVEN YARON, A New Translation of Cuneiform Laws 29
THEODORE J. LEWIS, Divine Images and Aniconism in Ancient Israel 36
JOHN MASSON SMITH, JR., Nomads on Ponies vs. Slaves on Horses 54

Brief Communications

OLGA M. DAVIDSON, The Text of Ferdowsi's Shahnamah and the Burden of the Past 63
J. W. DE JONG, Once More, ajyate 69

Reviews of Books

TSAFRIR: Tabula imperii romani: ludaea-Palaestina, Eretz Israel in the Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine Period (Anson E Rainey) 71
NAVEH: On Sherd and Papyrus: Aramaic and Hebrew Inscriptions from the Second Temple, Mishnaic and Talmudic Periods (Michael Sokoloff ) 73
CLAGETT: Ancient Egyptian Science, vol. 2: Calendars,Clocks, and Astronomy (Leo Depuydt) 75
HEINRICHs and SCHOELER, eds.: Festschrift Ewald Wagner zum 65. Geburtstag, vol. 1 (Alan S. Kaye) 76
SCHRADER: Leiden und Gerechtigkeit: Studien zu Theologie und Textgeschichte des Sirachsbuches (James L.Crenshaw) 77
VAN DEN TOORN et al., eds.: Dictionary of Deities and Demons in the Bible (Jack M. Sasson) 79
WARNER: The Early Bronze Age Village of Karatas, vol. 2 (Sharon R. Steadman) 80
GEORGE: House Most High: The Temples of Ancient Mesopotamia (John E Robertson) 81
FRONZAROLI: Testi rituali delta regalita (archivo L.2769) (Maria Giovanna Biga) 82
PUHVEL: Hittite Etymological Dictionary, vol. 3: Words Beginning with H (Richard H. Beal) 84
HORSLEY: Galilee: History, Politics, People (Eric M.Meyers) 87
KOPP and RÖLLIG, eds.: Tübinger Atlas des Vorderen Orients: Register zu den Karten, 3 vols. (Andreas Fuchs) 87
ODED: War, Peace, and Empire: Justifications for War in Assyrian Royal Inscriptions (Hannes D. Galter) 89
WALLENFELS: Uruk: Hellenistic Seal Impressions in the Yale Babylonian Collection (Linda Bregstein) 91
DAY: Three Faces of a Queen: Characterization in the Books of Esther (Adele Berlin) 93
EYNIKEL: The Reform of King Josiah and the Composition of the Deuteronomistic History (Baruch Halpern) 94
HOFTIJZER and JONGELING: Dictionary of the Northwest Semitic Inscriptions (Gary A. Rendsburg) 96
WASSERSTROM: Between Muslim and Jew: The Problem of Symbiosis under Early Islam (Hava Lazarus-Yafeh) 97
MALTI-DOUGLAS: Men, Women, and God(s): Nawal El Saadawi and Arab Feminist Poetics (Roger Allen) 98
RENARD: Islam and the Heroic Image: Themes in Literature and the Visual Arts (Jan Knappert) 100
AL-JALALI, ed.: Sharh al-akhbar fi fada'il al-a'immat al-athar, 3 vols. (Ismail K. Poonawala) 102
JOHANSEN: Sufism and Islamic Reform in Egypt (Fauzi M.Najjar) 104
KURPURSHOEK, ed., tr.: Oral Poetry and Narratives from Central Arabia, vol. 2: The Story of a Desert Knight (Clive Holes) 106
ENDRESS and GUTAS, eds.: A Greek and Arabic Lexicon: Materials for a Dictionary of the Medieval Translations from Greek into Arabic (Kees Versteegh) 108
STILLMAN: Sephardi Religious Responses to Modernity (Susan Einbinder) 109
BURGEL and GUTH, eds.: Gesellschaftlicher Umbruch und Historie im zeitgenössischen Drama der islamischen Welt (Jacob M. Landau) 110
MAIER: Desert songs: Western Images of Morocco and Moroccan Images of the West (Susan Gilson Miller). .111
DAFRARY, ed.: Medieval Isma'ili History and Thought (Julie Scott Meisarni) 112
NOTH: Early Arabic Historical Tradition: A Source-Critical Study (Tayeb El-Hibri) 114
SIMON et al., eds.: Encyclopedia of the Modem Middle East (Charles D. Smith) 118
BREGEL, ed.: Bibliography of Islamic Central Asia, 3 vols.(Denis Sinor) 119
ERDOSY, ed.: The Indo-Aryans of Ancient South Asia: Language, Culture, and Ethnicity (Gregory Possehl) 120
BECHERT, ed.: Sanskrithandschriften aus den Turfanfunden pt. 7 (Richard Salomon) 121
SHIRAISHI: Asceticism in Buddhism and Brahmanism: A Comparative Study (Patrick Olivelle) 124
VON HINUBER: A Handbook of Pali Literature (George Bond) 125
HOLT: The Religious World of Kirti Sri: Buddhism, Art,and Politics in Late Medieval Sri Lanka (Michael W.Chamey) 126
DEMMER: Verwandtschaft und Sozialität bei den Jenu Kurumba (Kamil V Zvelebil) 127
JHA.: Phakir Lalan Sai: Des kal evam silpa (Carol Salomon) 128
RAY, ed.: Mind, Body & Society: Life and Mentality in Colonial Bengal (David Kopf) 132
FELDHAUS: Water and Womanhood: Religious Meanings of Rivers in Maharashtra (Frank F Conlon) 133
KLOKKE: Tantri Reliefs on Javanese Candi (Robert L Brown) 134
SINGER: Burmese Puppets (Ward Keeler) 135

Brief Reviews

PARENTE and SIEVERS, eds.: Joephus and the History of the Greco-Roman Period (Harold W. Attridge) 137
HOLT: Prophesying the Past: The Use of Israel's History in the Book of Hosea (Victor Hurowitz) 138
GRABBE: Priests, Prophets, Diviners, Sages: A Socio-historical Study of Religious Specialists in Ancient Israel (Victor Hurowitz) 139
GUTBUB: Kom Ombo, vol. 1: Les Inscriptions du naos (Eugene Cruz-Uribe) 140
METZGER and COOGAN, eds.: The Oxford Companion to the Bible (Alan Cooper) 140
LEVENSON: The Hebrew Bible, the Old Testament, and Historical Criticism: Jews and Christians in Biblical Studies (Alan Cooper) 141
SCHMIDT-COLINET, ed.: Palmyra: Kulturbegegnung im Grenzbereich (Eleonora Cussini) 142
SWEENEY: Isaiah 1-39, with an Introduction to Prophetic Literature (J. A. Soggin) 143
MARTINEZ and BARRERA: The People of the Dead Sea Scrolls: Their Writings, Beliefs and Practices (Joseph M.Baumgarten) 143
KNAPP, ed.: Near Eastern and Aegean Texts from the Third to the First Millennia B. C. (Eric H. Cline) 144
KINBERG: A Lexicon of al-Farra=>s Terminology in His Qur'an Commentary (Adrian Gully) 145
GRAMLICH, ed., tr.: Die Nahrung der Herzen, vols. 3 and 4 (Gerhard Böwering) 145
GRAMLICH::Abu I-Abbas b. 'Ata': Sufi und Koranausleger (Gerhard Böwering) 146
FINNISH ORIENTAL SOCIETY: Dialectologia Arabica: A Collection of Articles in Honour of the Sixtieth Birthday of Professor Heikki Palva (Mohammad Sawaie) 146
WATSON: A Course in San'ani Arabic (Alan S. Kaye) 147
SONTHEIMER, ed.: Südasien-Anthologie (Peter Gaeffke) 148
TATZ, tr.: The Skill in Means (Upayakausalya) Sutra (James McDermott) 148
MICHAELS, ed.: A Rama Temple in Nineteenth-century Nepal (William S. Sax) 149
WILLIS: Inscriptions of Gopaksetra: Materials for the History of Central India (Cynthia Talbot) 149
GRAY: The Householder's World: Purity, Power, and Dominance in a Nepali Village (Michael Mühlich) 150
DWIVEDI, ed.: Studies in Mimamsa (Francis X. Clooney, S.J.) 151
HARA and WRIGHT, eds.: John Brough: Collected Papers (Edwin Gerow) 152