Volume 118 / Number 2 / April-June 1998

ISSN 0003-0279






BRANNON M. WHEELER, The Jewish Origins of Qur'an +18:65-82? A Reexamination of Arent Jan Wensinck's Theory 153

JEEVAN DEOL, The Minas and Their Literature 172

DONALD HOLZMAN, The Place of Filial Piety in Ancient China 185

EDWIN G. PULLEYBLANK, Qieyun and Yunjing: The Essential Foundation for Chinese Historical Linguistics 200

DENNIS SCHILLING and RODERICH PTAK, The Ulcers of Duke Huan of Ch'i 217

Review Articles

ABRAHAM GOLDBERG, A Kohlhammer Translation (with Commentary) of Tosefta Tractates in Moed 227

JONATHAN E. BROCKOPP, Rereading the History of Early Maliki Jurisprudence 233

GEORGE CARDONA, A New Edition of Vyadi's Paribhasavrtti 239

Brief Communications

CHRISTINE LILYQUIST, On the Egyptian-Inscribed Plaques Found at Mycena 245

SAÏD AMIR ARJOMAND, Artaxerxes, Ardasir, and Bahman 251

STEPHANIE L. JAMISON, Rhinoceros Toes, Manu V. +17+18, and the Development of the Dharma System 255

JAMES L. FITZGERALD, Some Storks and Eagles Eat Carrion; Herons and Ospreys Do Not 263

W. SOUTH COBLIN, Francisco Varo and the Sound System of Early Qing Mandarin 268

ROY ANDREW MILLER, Chinese fa in Altaic: A Further Note 274

Reviews of Books

ALON et al., eds.: Concepts of the Other in Near Easter Religions (Mark Stratton Smith)

EICHMANN: Koptische Lauten: Eine musikarchäologische Untersuchung von sieben Langhalslauten des 3-9. Jh. n. Chr. aus Ägypten (Ellen Hickmann)

BILGIÇ and GÜNBATTI: Ankaraner Kiiltepe-Texte, vol. 3 (W. C. Gwaltney)

GLESSMER: Einleitung in die Targume zum Pentateuch (Bruce Chilton)

TADMOR: The Inscriptions of Tiglath-pileser III, King of Assyria (A. Kirk Grayson)

JOFFE: Settlement and Society in the Early Bronze Age I and II, Southern Levant (R. Thomas Schaub)

WASHINGTON: Wealth and Poverty in the Instruction of Amenemope and the Hebrew Proverbs (Michael V Fox)

SCHMID: Der Tempelturm Etemenanki in Babylon (Sally Dunham)

MURNANE: Texts from the Amarna Period in Egypt (Ronald J. Leprohon)

O'CONNOR and SILVERMAN, eds.: Ancient Egyptian Kingship (Edward Bleiberg)

DURAND, ed.: Amurru, I: Mari, Ebla, et les Hourrites: Dix ans de travaux (Robert D. Biggs). .

GOLDWASSER: From Icon to Metaphor: Studies in the Semiotics of the Hieroglyphs (Leo Depuydt)

BOTTÉRO: Textes culinaires mésopotamiens (Marvin A. Powell)

KARIMI-HAKKAK: Recasting Persian Poetry: Scenarios of Poetic Modernity in Iran (M. R. Ghanoonparvar)

KRAUS: Alchemie, Ketzerei, Apokryphen in friihen Islam: Gesammelte Aufsätze (Y. Tzvi Langermann)

CHITTICK: Imaginal Worlds: Ibn al-'Arabi and the Problem of Religious Diversity (Leonard Lewisohn)

LESLAU: Reference Grammar of Amharic (Grover Hudson)

KAYE, ed.: Semitic Studies in Honor of Wolf Leslau on the Occasion of His Eighty-fifth Birthday (Ernest N. McCarus

HALM: The Empire of the Mahdi: The Rise of the Fatimids (Farhad Daftary)

CHODKIEWICZ, tr.: The Spiritual Writings of Amir 'Abd al-Kader (Gerald Elmore)

LAGARDE, comp.: Index du grand commentaire de Fahr al-Din al-Razi (Todd Lawson)

KNOX: Amaravati: Buddhist Sculpturefrom the Great Stupa (Robert L. Brown)

STONE: The Buddhist Art of Nagarjunakonda (Robert L. Brown)

KENNEDY: The Magic Mountains: Hill Stations and the British Raj (Rosane Rocher)

HATCHER: Idioms of Improvement: Vidyasagar and Cultural Encounter in Bengal (Rosane Rocher)

CHAKRABARTI: Colonial Indology: Sociopolitics of the Ancient Indian Past (Rosane Rocher)

LORENZEN, ed.: Bhakti Religion in North India: Community Identity and Political Action (Peter Gaeffke)

MALIK: Das Puskara-Mahatmya: Ein religionswissenschaftlicher Beitrag zum Wallfahrtsbegriff in Indien (Ludo Rocher)

CHANG: Korean (Roy Andrew Miller)

Books Received 321