Volume 118 / Number 3 / July-September 1998

ISSN 0003-0279





In Memoriam: JEANETTE WAKIN   323


CÉCILE MICHEL, Les Mites d'Assyrie: Moths in the Assyrian Texts of the Second Millennium B.C.   325

IAN MABBETT, The Problem of the Historical Nagarjuna Revisited    332

DING XIANG WARNER, Mr. Five Dippers of Drunkenville: The Representation of Enlightenment in Wang Ji's Drinking Poems   347

NADIA MARIA EL CHEIKH, Surat al-Rum: A Study of the Exegetical Literature   356

GERRIT BOS, Ibn al-Jazzar on Medicine for the Poor and Destitute   365

Review Articles

McKIM MARRIOTT, India Without Hindu Concepts?   377

PHILIP F. KENNEDY, The Discovery at Mada'in Salih: Myth or Artifact?   381

WOLFGANG HEIMPEL, The Industrial Park of Girsu in the Year 2042 B. C.: Interpretation of an Archive Assembled by P. Mander   387

Brief Communication

DAVID W. McALPIN, Coarticulations and Coronals in Malayalam   401

Reviews of Books  407

Reviews of Books

HINDS: Studies in Early Islamic History, ed. Bacharach (Michael L Bates)   407
NEWMAN: Muhammad, the Quran, and Islam (A. Rippin)   408
ABDEL-MALEK: Muhammad in the Modern Egyptian Popular Ballad (Pierre Cachia)   409
CAMPBELL, ed.: Contemporary Arab Writers: Biographies and Autobiographies (Pierre Cachia)   410
BURNETT and JACQUART, eds: Constantine the African and `Ali ibn al-`Abbas al-Magusi: The Pantegni and Related Texts (Glen M. Cooper)   411
CONRAD, ed.: The World of Ibn Tufayl: Interdisciplinary Perspectives (Peter Heath)    413
ELIAS: The Throne Carrier of God: The Life and Thought of `Ala' ad-Dawla as-Simnani (Kathryn Babayan)   415
RYDING and ZAIBACK: Formal Spoken Arabic: FAST Course (Elizabeth M. Bergman)   417
INGHAM: Arabian Diversions: Studies in the Dialects of Arabia (Alan S. Kaye)   418
ELGIBALI, ed.: Understanding Arabic: Essays in Contempopary Linguistics in Honor of El-Said Badawi (Alan S. Kaye)    419
GRABAR, ed.: Muqarnas: An Annual on Islamic Art and Architecture, vol. 10: Essays in Honor of Oleg Grabar Contributed by his Students (Estelle Whelan)   421
JAMISON: Sacrificed Wife/Sacrificer's Wife: Women, Ritual, and Hospitality in Ancient India (Frederick M. Smith)   422
R. GOLDMAN and S. GOLDMAN, trs.: The Ramayana of Valmiki: An Epic of Ancient India, vol. 5: Sundarakanda (Richard W. Lariviere)   426
GOODALL, ed.: Hindu Scriptures, Based on an Anthology by R.C. Zaehner (Bruce M. Sullivan)   427
STAAL: Mantras between Fire and Water: Reflections on a Balinese Rite (Ludo Rocher)    428
McLEOD: Historical Dictionary of Sikhism (David N. Lorenzen)   429
TRAUTMANN: Aryans and British India (David Kopf)   430
I. TAYLOR and M. TAYLOR: Writing and Literacy in China, Korea, and Japan (Roy Andrew Miller)  431
DARDESS: A Ming Society: T'ai-ho County, Kiangsi, in the Fourteenth to Seventeenth Centuries (Romeyn Taylor) 433
HALLO: Origins: The Ancient Near Eastern Background of Some Modern Institutions (K. van der Toorn)    435
NIDITCH: Oral World and Written Word: Ancient Israelite Literature (John Van Seters)    436
CLINES, ed.: The Dictionary of Classical Hebrew, vol. 2 (Joseph A. Fitzmeyer, S.J.)    437
VAN KEULEN: Manasseh through the Eyes of the Deuteronomists (Steven L. McKenzie)  439
KELM and MAZAR: Timnah: A Biblical City in the Sorek Valley (Joe D. Seger)   440
MANNING: The Absolute Chronology of the Aegean Early Bronze Age: Archaeology, Radiocarbon and History (William G. Dever)   440
BARTL et al., eds.: Zwischen Euphrat und Indus: Aktuelle Forschungsproblem in der vorderasiatischen Archäologie (D. T. Potts)  442
COLE: Early Neo-Babylonian Governor's Archive from Nippur; COLE: Nippur in Late Assyrian Times (M. Dandamayev)  443
MAYER: Politik und Kriegskunst der Assyrer (Mario Liverani)   445
PARPOLA: Letters from Assyrian and Babylonian Scholars (R. M. Jas)    447
EGBERTS: In Quest of Meaning: A Study of the Ancient Egyptian Rites of Consecrating the Meret-Chests and Driving the Calves (Erhart Graefe)   447
ABOUZAYD: A Study of the Life of Singleness in the Syrian Orient, from Ignatius of Antioch to Chalcedon, 451 A.D. (Amir Harrak)    449
GELLER and MAEHLER, eds.: Legal Documents of the Hellenistic World (Roger S. Bagnall)   450
HERRMANN: The Furniture of Western Asia, Ancient and Traditional (Oscar White Muscarella)    439