The content of these pages will change continuously as news posted here becomes out of date and is replaced by more current news of and for the members of the AOS. These pages are intended to offer the same kind of information that was printed in the Newsletter of the AOS, which ceased publication with number 22 (November 1996).

The content of these pages is supplied by the membership and others who wish to share with the membership news of interest to the AOS. Please send to by e-mail (Please include the subject line AOS News.) or regular post (electronic format preferred) any items of news for inclusion here: job postings, awards, obituaries not published in the the Journal, fellowship announcements, notices of conferences, announcements of new projects underway, proceedings of conferences, web sites of interest to the AOS, etc.

Membership Directories

News and Announcements for the Membership

Membership Directories

(Access retricted to AOS members)

2005 AOS Membership Directories (©American Oriental Society) are available in four forms to members:

The Directory in PDF free for download (250K file)

Viewed online in a browser session or after downloading, this directory is full-text searchable, depending on the version of Adobe Acrobat (Reader) you run (version 6.0+ recommended for Windows users).

Online searchable AOS Membership Directory

This version of the directory is searched by a java script, which may or may not work for your particular situation, depending on network security settings and other conditions. Additionally, if you are connected with a modem, the process might be quite slow at first, until the needed files are downloaded to your machine. Please be patient.

• The AOS Membership Directory on CD-ROM (containing the same searchable database and the file in PDF) is also available to members by annual subscription for $25.00 in addition to dues.

• Please e-mail requests for printed copies to . The cost is $35.


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