Research Discussion Listserver

Goals, Policies and Subscription Procedures

ASQ has created a listserver to support research-oriented discussions. People who subscribe to the listserver will receive copies of textual postings to the listserver in the form of electronic mail. Will Mitchell of the University of Michigan will act as the moderator for the listserver, with the assistance of Brad Killaly.

The ASQ listserver exists to foster intellectual interchange about the ideas and research published in ASQ. We envison people using the listserver to debate and deliberate substantive theoretical and methodological issues related to papers that we have published or ideas that might form the basis of papers that we would publish in the future. ASQ encourages its readers to use the listserver to provide the authors with feedback on their work and to engage researchers in further conversation. Through the listserver, people can meet to form "distributed colleges" around the issues and topics addressed by ASQ. The listserver will also be used by the editors of ASQ to disseminate information regarding ASQ, such as calls for papers, information on turnaround time, new developments, and upcoming events

We stress that ASQ's listserver will feature discussion of theoretical and methodological research issues. The listserver will not distribute information about conferences, special issues of other journals, job postings, or other professional issues and opportunities. Other listservers exist for this purpose. ASQ's listserver is also not intended to be a forum for feedback on the journal itself. ASQ welcomes positive and negative feedback concerning the journal but comments should be sent directly to ASQ's editor at who will respond appropriately.

The moderator of the listserver will enroll people who request to be on the listserver's distribution list. The moderator will also review postings for their fit with ASQ's objectives for the listserver and will exercise a light but visible hand to screen out messages about professional opportunities, messages of a personal nature, messages about the operations or policy of the journal or staff itself, and messages that contain foul language, attack the character of authors or subscribers, or are otherwise in bad taste. To minimize items in subscribers' mailboxes, postings to the listserver will be distributed in digest form.

Subscription and Posting Procedures

To subscribe to the listserver distribution list, address a message to This can be done directly from this page at the end of the document. Type the following on the subject line: ASQ listserver subscription. In the body of the message, provide your internet address on line 1, and proofread it to be sure you have typed it correctly; provide your name and institutional affiliation on line 2. Send the message. You will be notified when your name has been added to the subscription list. If you don't receive this notice within a reasonable time after subscribing, try the subscription process again. It may be that your E-Mail address was incorrect and messages would not go through.

Subscribers are responsible for keeping their E-Mail addresses current: Send a "Change of Address" message to the listserver, and in the body of the messagegive your name and old and new E-Mail addresses. Subscribers can post items to be distributed to other listserver subscribers by sending the item to Please specify the topic of the item in a brief subject line, and use the body of the text for the message. If you wish to cancel your subscription, follow the instructions for subscribing, but type the following subject line instead: Cancel Subscription. We hope that all who subscribe will find this listserver a valuable forum for discussion and debate.

To subscribe to the ASQ Research Listserver please forward an E-Mail with the necessary information outlined above to

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