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Interview with Dr. Bartlett

November 2015

Q:Describe what you do here at the University of Michigan

The focus of my lab is the evolution of batteries. I work on replacing the lithium core, which is expensive and not very common, with magnesium, an element that can be found abundantly in the environment.

Q:As scientists, what do you think our greatest obligation to the general public is?

Being able to explain why our work as scientist is so important in a way that is easily understood to the general public as well as our policy makers.

Q:What are some things that you like to do in your spare time?

I like to watch baseball, my favorite team is the St. Louis Cardinals. But I also like to to play softball as well as run and ride my bike.

Q:Why do you like working at the Unversity of Michigan?

This is my first independent job, I also enjoy research programs like UROP and I loves teaching.

Q:What is your favorite element?

Firstly, Iron because it is so abundant. Secondly, Magnesium because it is the element that is fundamental in my research.

Q:What is your favorite restaurant or bar?

My favorite restaurant is Adventura because I like tapas restaurants. My favorite bar is Ashley’s because they have many, and great beers on tap.

Q:What advice would you give current students?

Take advantage of all the opportunities to do research in college as early as possible. However, be reasonable and be sure you can make the time commitment.

Dustin Meldrum

November 2015

I graduated from UofM with a chemical engineering degree (BSE`10, MSE`11) after being a F'07 pledge and multi-year Room M resident. Taking my sweet time to graduate, I alternated semesters between Ann Arbor and ExxonMobil in Baton Rouge, LA and Houston, TX. After graduation, I moved to Houston to work as a reservoir engineer for ExxonMobil Production Company, building computer simulation models, optimizing daily production, and making up long-term forecasts and economics for offshore West African oil fields. Worrying what I might be missing out on, I left ExxonMobil for Murphy Oil to explore an international business development role, making up bigger numbers with less data in a more diverse range of oilfield types and locations.

Realizing I would have to spend the rest of my life anxious about becoming an expert in something I didn't care about for an industry that didn't need me in a city I didn't love, I left my job in petroleum to move home to Michigan to build a small cheesemaking company. Since August 2015, I have lived the dream as a bum, residing in my mom's basement and building a food lab in a warehouse in Ferndale. If all goes well, I will spend the next year developing fermenty food products as well as helping other local food companies solve their food production problems as part of a larger public market development in the Ferndale area. I look forward to certain failure with the knowledge I did the right thing with my life

Pledge Class: Fall 2007

Alumnus: Joseph Hubbard

October 2015

I am currently a first year student (P1) in the College of Pharmacy at the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor. Many of my classes revolve around getting to know the profession of pharmacy, learning the basics of drug delivery, and solidifying foundations in biology, chemistry, and physiology. I have not decided the career field I may take, but my interests are hospital pharmacy, the pharmaceutical industry and/or managed care.

Something that has kept me preoccupied other than schoolwork has been pledging Phi Delta Chi (PDC), a professional pharmacy fraternity at the College of Pharmacy. My experience at the Alpha Beta Chapter was very positive, and I hope that PDC will be just as beneficial. Furthermore, I enjoy running and tubing along the Huron River. Lastly, I recently became an uncle to my nephew Cyrus so I try to spend as much time as possible with him. Given that I am still at the University of Michigan, I hope to stop by whenever possible and catch up with all the brothers.

Pledge Class: Winter 2013

Big: Lauren Bacans

Littles: Austen Carie and Alex Bedard

Contact Info: