The Maize Rage Core

The Maize Rage Core is a smaller group of students who meet weekly to discuss and implement the operations of the Maize Rage. The Maize Rage Core is a student run organization registered with the Michigan Student Assembly (MSA). All members of the Maize Rage are invited to attend meeting of the Maize Rage Core with questions, comments, and concerns about the Maize Rage. Meetings are used to present news ideas, plan road trips, debate the effectiveness of chants, explore new ways to improve the overall basketball experience at Crisler Arena, and many more. The Core serve as liaisons between the Maize Rage and several of the other groups instrumental to the game day atmosphere at Crisler Arena, including the Athletic Department, Dance Team, Cheer Team, Pep Band, and the team itself.

Joining the Core

Joining the Maize Rage Core is as simple as attending a meeting or subscribing to our email list. Meetings are held every Monday evening at 7:00pm. Email Bob McWilliams, to be added to the Maize Rage Core email list. Once on the email list, you will be kept up to date with a recap of each meeting known as the Rundown.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is a member of the Maize Rage?
A: Any student section season ticket holder is an official member of the Maize Rage.

Q: How do I become more involved in the Maize Rage?
A: Join the Maize Rage Core by attending a meeting and subscribe to the Maize Rage Core email list. The Core meets on Monday nights at 7:00pm. To get on the Maize Rage Core email list, email Bob McWilliams at

Q: What are the benefits of being in the Maize Rage Core?
A: Members of the Maize Rage Core ensure that their opinions on the Maize Rage are heard. Additionally, Core members get first choice on attended road trips and representing the Maize Rage in other events.

Q: Are the Monday night meetings open to everyone?
A: YES. Anyone can attend the meetings. There is no exclusion when it comes to being a part of the "core" or attending the Monday night meetings. All are welcome to the Monday night meetings, and all are welcome to put in input, commentary, etc into the meetings. There is no need to be shy or hold back your Michigan pride and ideas for support.

Q: Where and when do I buy tickets?
A: Tickets are sold through the Athletic Tickets Office. Returning students can purchase tickets with their football tickets in March while new students can purchase tickets in June. Additionally, tickets are sold in September to those who did not purchase tickets previously.

Q: What is appropriate gameday apparel for the Maize Rage?
A: A maize Michigan shirt, a Michigan basketball jersey, or costume is required to sit in the bleachers. It is also high advisable that all members of the Maize Rage follow this dress code regardless of where they are sitting.

Q: How do I ensure I sit in the bleachers for the good games?
A: Simply put, if you want a good seat for the good games, you have to go to the lesser games. Seating for the premier games is based on attendance for previous games. Unfortunately, based on the number of people who attend every game, it may be possible for a student to not receive a bleacher ticket even though he or she attended every game.