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1. Strategy - Personal Brand: Using your Power, Influence, & Social Capital
A strong personal brand leads to new opportunities. How do we develop a corporate identity that encompasses our experiences as an African American? How do can we leverage our identity to navigate the corporate environment, and ultimately become an advocate for change in and outside of our corporations.

2. Marketing - The Evolution of Marketing: Using Non-Traditional Approaches
As the media becomes more fragmented marketers must find new ways to reach their consumers. What role will the shift in demographics and the aging US population play in marketing? How has the role of a marketer changed over the last decade? What non-traditional marketing ways are most effective? How do marketers measure the success of non-traditional marketing?

3. Emerging Markets - Investing Beyond your Borders
Breaking the barriers to entry in emerging markets. How to find investment opportunities in emerging markets? What are the opportunities in that occur when investing in emerging markets? How does one break into the field of emerging market investment?

4. Urban Development - Wealth Building through Social Entrepreneurship
Social entrepreneurs can assist in rebuilding New Orleans. What role do black businesses play in the New Orleans rebuilding process? Money vs. “Subsidized Goods” - which is better? which leads to a sustainable future? How to consider the less advantage in the “new” New Orleans?

5. Technology - Beam me up Techie: Is Technology bringing our Worlds Closer or Creating a Stronger Divide?
In today's competitive environment, can the US sustain business leadership through the use of technology? What are the latest technological innovations used in business? Domestically, what are our challenges? What are the social and professional implications of advancing technology in the US? As a result of globalization, human interaction is being replaced by technology. How does this impact our decision making ability? How does one motivate a global workforce without leveraging personal interaction? Stimulate high morale?

6. Strategy - Business Turnaround: The Strategic Action Plan
Business challenges are often disguised opportunities. How do you turn around a business, brand, or department that is tanking? What are the signs of recovery? How do you mitigate the risks involved in your plan? What are the rewards of a job well done?

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