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April 2, 2014

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  • Congratulations to Ben Isaacoff on winning an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship and to Chanrith Siv on receiving an Honorable Mention!

  • Congratulations to Jessica Donehue on winning a Procter & Gamble Travel Award!

  • Welcome to PhD students Sherry Xie Yue and Yilai Li, and to undergrad Maclean Drees, who have just joined the lab, and a belated welcome to undergrads Felix Hsieh, Sarah Hanner and Alisa Aliaj, who joined us in September.

  • Farewell to Krishanthi, who has headed to Boston, and John, who is en route to dentistry school. Best of luck with your future endeavors!
  • Congratulations to Chanrith Siv on winning a 2014 Minority Biophysicists Travel Award!

  • Congratulations to Beth Haas and Jessica Donehue on their successful data meetings!

  • Dave's paper, "Top-Hat and Asymmetric Gaussian Based Fitting Functions for Quantifying Directional Single-Molecule Motion," is out in ChemPhysChem!

  • Congratulations to Yi Liao who won the third prize poster award at the CSH Asia meeting on New Advances in Optical Imaging of Live Cells and Organisms!

  • Congratulations to Jessica Donehue and Beth Haas on winning travel awards at the 2013 Vaughan Symposium!

  • Welcome summer students Kevin Durand, Rachel Choi and Burke Gao! Congratulations to Kevin and Rachel on winning UM Department of Chemistry Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships, and congratulations to Burke on being selected for the UM REU Program in the Chemical Sciences.

  • The Biteen Lab has two more "permanent" PhD students: Chanrith Siv and Bing Fu. We're glad you'll be sticking around!

  • Congratulations to Dave, Hannah, Bing, Jessica and Yi on winning travel awards for the University of Toronto Chemical Biophysics Symposium!

  • Congratulations to Beth Haas on having a winning poster at the 2013 UM Biophysics Symposium!

  • Congratulations to Dr. Hannah Tuson on winning an NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Biology (PRFB)!

  • Congratulations to Dave Rowland on passing his candidacy exam!

  • Congratulations to Jessica Donehue on winning the Susan Lipschutz Award, which recognizes students who have demonstrated exceptional scholarly achievement, a sense of social responsibility and service, and a lively interest in promoting the success of women in the academic community!

  • Welcome new lab member Applied Physics rotator Ben Isaacoff!

  • Congratulations to Dr. Esther Wertz on winning the PicoQuant Young Investigator Award at the SPIE Photonics West Meeting!

  • JSB receives a NSF CAREER Award for Increasing the Power of Single-Molecule Bio-Imaging with Plasmon-Enhanced Fluorescence!

  • Welcome new lab members: postdoc Dr. Hannah Tuson and Chemistry rotation student Bing Fu and UM Biomolecular Science major Kevin Durand!
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