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The Black Celebratory celebrates the commonalties and differences that characterize the experiences of African Americans and other students at the University of Michigan. In upholding the expectation of the first Black Celebratory in 1993, this program serves as an example of the University of Michigan's commitment to diversity and African American students.

The Black Celebratory contributes to the academic and social progress of all students by providing programs and activities that promote the communal striving and sense of accountability that help students to achieve. The ceremony acknowledges the value and uniqueness of the African American experience and serves to commemorate the accomplishments of those students that participate in the Black Celebratory.

We, the University of Michigan Black Celebratory Planning Committee, institute this annual celebration to honor, respect, and remember those from our past and present communities who could only dream of this opportunity. This ceremony marks a tradition of valuing our cultural offerings not only to the University but to beyond, to the world community.

Working Committees

The Programming and Registration Committee is responsible for registering students for the graduation ceremony and working with the Office of Academic Multicultural Initiatives to establish logistics and planning for the Black Celebratory Graduation Ceremony and Parents Reception.

The Social Committee is responsible for sponsoring social events for graduating seniors and others across campus. These events may include, but are not limited, to Barbecues, Socials, Jazz Nights, Bowling Outings, etc.

The Financial Chairperson works with all of the BC Committees and the Office of Academic Multicultural Initiatives to maintain an accurate account of all financial transactions on behalf of the BC, through the Student Organization Accounts Office.

Collaborations and Partnerships

The Office of Academic Multicultural Initiatives (OAMI) collaborates with the Black Celebratory Registration and Planning Committee to develop and plan registration and graduation ceremony activities.

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