To satisfy the need for blood, another blood drive competition is held each winter. Some years - most recently in the winter of 2013 - U of M competes against Michigan State in the "Face-Off Blood Challenge." Other years - like in 2008 and 2010 - all of the Big Ten schools get involved with the life-saving cause to compete against each other.

This past year, we competed with Michigan State in the Face-Off Blood Challenge. We collected 1,011 pints of blood compared to the 943 pints collected by Michigan State. This was exciting, as we avenged our 2012 loss. When it comes to the reality of the situation, it is great that both schools were able to collect enough blood to potentially save up to nearly 6,000 lives. We were victorious in this competition in 2010, and also took first place in the overall ranking category of the Big Ten Blood Challenge that year!