Get Involved

Dancing Blood Drop!

Come to our Mass Meeting!

The easiest way to find out more about Blood Battle and the many ways you can get involved is to contact us or attend our mass meetings! The mass meetings will start up again in the fall prior to the start of Blood Battle!

Join the Blood Battle Committee

The Blood Battle Committee (also known as the organization Blood Drives United) plans and promotes the competition throughout the fall semester. During Blood Battle, the committee volunteers at the blood drives and continues to advertise the blood drives.

There are two ways to join the Blood Battle Committee. One way is by joining Alpha Phi Omega (APO), a co-ed community service organization that initially created, and continues to sponsor, Blood Battle. If you are interested in joining APO, email the Vice President of New Members at To join the Blood Battle Committee independently, email with your questions and interest.

COMMITTEE REQUIREMENTS: Committee members are expected to attend weekly meetings, participate in at least three posting sessions to advertise the blood drives, spend a total of at least three hours promoting Blood Battle at Diag Days, and volunteer at least eight hours at the Blood Battle blood drives. Other requirements include donor recruitment, fundraiser participation, and joining a Task Force.

Donate Blood

Donating blood is a simple way to save lives. See the Eligibility tab to learn if you are able to donate, and the Schedule tab to find out where and when drives are and to make an appointment.

Support the Cause

There are a lot of different ways you can support our cause.

Make a Gift: If you don't feel comfortable donating blood or the committee doesn't sound right for you, another way to support us is through a donation. Your gift will ensure that we can continue to save lives and beat OSU in Blood Battle. Please email to find out more information about making a donation to Blood Drives United.

Sponsor a Blood Drive as an Organization

Sponsoring a blood drive requires having enough people to volunteer at the drive, the ability to reach out and promote Blood Battle within a sizable campus community, and enthusiasm for the cause. If an organization would like to support Blood Battle or sponsor a blood drive during the 2016 Blood Battle competition, it should contact the Executive Officers at