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All-Time Blood Battle Scoreboard


The Organization


Blood Drives United (BDU), sponsored by the community service organization Alpha Phi Omega (APO), is a student-run volunteer organization dedicated to the promotion, organization, and staffing of campus-wide blood drives. BDU empowers students, staff, faculty, and community members to make a difference in a local and international public health crisis. The purpose of BDU is to organize blood drives on campus and thereby provide the staff, faculty, and students of the university, as well as the surrounding community, the opportunity to donate blood and save lives. BDU seeks to raise blood donation awareness and educate the community and university body about the importance of and benefits of blood donation.

The 2018-2019 Executive Officers are Bailey Abney, Jacob Doxen, Willa Hart, Bridgette Pollaski, Stephen Redding, Tess Speiser, and Alex Zeto. To contact them, click the Contact Us link or email blooddrivesunited@umich.edu.

The Competition

November 2018 will mark the 37th annual Blood Battle between the University of Michigan and Ohio State University. This competition is sponsored by the American Red Cross and Blood Drives United. The competition extends the athletic rivalry beyond the gridiron as students, staff, and community members donate blood to save lives. In the weeks leading up to the game against OSU, blood drives will be held at various locations across the U of M campus in an effort to collect more blood donations than Ohio State. After a five year losing streak, U of M has pulled ahead to win the battle for six of the past eight years. The 2017 competition took place between October 30 and November 22, 2017. In that four week period, we collected 2,268 pints of blood, potentially saving three times as many lives.

In addition to Blood Battle, Mitten Matchup (formerly the Face Off Blood Challenge) is a winter blood drive competition against Michigan State University. This typically takes place throughout February.


As far as our records show, in 1966, the students of Alpha Phi Omega sponsored and hosted the first blood drives on the University of Michigan campus. There were two days of drives in the Michigan Union Ballroom, and 472 students donated blood. The drives expanded so much that in 1982 the organizers simultaneously took advantage of their success and the rivalry with the Buckeyes to hold the first Blood Battle. The University of Michigan won, and a tradition was born.

Recent years have seen close competitions. In 2007, U of M lost by a mere three pints - the equivalent to three donors - when both schools collected over 2000 pints. It was Michigan's fifth straight loss in the battle, and OSU was closing the gap on Michigan's overall win record.

With an overwhelming showing by the student body and an incredible display of school spirit, Michigan broke OSU's streak in 2008. U of M won a decisive 2333-pint to 2152-pint victory. Those numbers indicate that U of M alone could have potentially saved nearly 7000 lives with the blood collected in November 2008.

In 2009, both U of M and OSU collected more pints of blood than the year before. U of M defended the championship by collecting 2,449 pints of blood on U of M's Ann Arbor campus during the 2009 Blood Battle - as opposed to 2,350 pints collected in Columbus by the Buckeyes. The Wolverines continued the tradition during the 2010 Blood Battle, collecting 2,615 pints of blood as opposed to the 2,515 pints collected at OSU. In the 30th anniversary of the competition, Michigan secured their 4th consecutive victory against the Buckeyes, collecting 2,628 pints of blood, surpassing the 2,402 pints of blood collected by Ohio State.

In 2016, the 35th anniversary of the competition, U of M defeated OSU by 8 pints. This ended a two year losing streak and brought the coveted Blood Battle Trophy back to Ann Arbor!

Past Blood Battle and Game results:

YearBlood Battle WinnerFootball Game Winner
1982U of MOSU
1983U of MU of M
1985U of MU of M
1986U of MU of M
1987U of MOSU
1988U of MU of M
1989U of MU of M
1990U of MU of M
1991U of MU of M
1993U of MU of M
1994U of MOSU
1995OSUU of M
1996OSUU of M
1997OSUU of M
1998U of MOSU
1999OSUU of M
2000TIEU of M
2001U of MOSU
2003OSUU of M
2008U of MOSU
2009U of MOSU
2010U of MOSU
2011U of MU of M
2013U of MOSU
2016U of MOSU
2018U of MOSU
Current Record20-16-115-21-1