Blood Battle at Michigan

To learn more about our initiative regarding MSM blood donation, please see our MSM Policy.

Our Call to Action


For the second straight year, the Red Cross is experiencing blood and platelet donation levels in June and early July much lower than expected. Donations through the Red Cross were down approximately 10 percent in June 2013, resulting in about 50,000 fewer donations.

Your help is especially needed now. Red Cross officials have issued an emergency request for blood and platelet donations. Donors of all blood types are encouraged to give, especially types O negative, A negative and B negative. Appeals to the public have provided a temporary stopgap, but have not eliminated the need. The situation is critical, and there is an ongoing emergency need for donors. Please donate if you are eligible, even if you never have before. It is a very rewarding experience and you can save up to three lives every time you donate.

Welcome to Blood Battle at the University of Michigan!

Blood Battle is an annual blood drive competition between Ohio State and the University of Michigan that takes place in the weeks leading up to the Game. In addition, we compete in the annual Face-Off Blood Challenge every winter against Michigan State University.

The final score of the 2013 edition of Blood Battle was:


Thanks to everybody who made this year's version of Blood Battle a success! We have now beaten them 5 out of the past 6 years!

Our focus now turns to the 2014 Face-Off competition! We are looking forward to this year's competition. This past winter, we collected 1,011 pints of blood during the 2013 Face-Off Blood Challenge to beat Michigan State! We are very grateful for those who volunteered their time or donated during Face-Off! Check out our Facebook, blog, and our twitter to get the most up to date information!