Bartlett Group Summer 2013

Front Row Left to Right: Vinod, Paul, Sam, Bruce, Ben, Kayla, Taylor, and Jimmy

Back Row Left to Right: Charles, Neil, Joel, Josh, Bart, Joe, Xiaoguang, and Emily

Recent News

April 1, 2014. Rotation Student, Emilia Groso & Group Alum, Aaron Goodman are awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowships. Congrats!

March 21, 2014. Joe successfully defends his Ph.D. thesis. Congratulations, Dr. Yourey!

January 21, 2014. Vinod and Joe's TiO2-B/RGO battery paper is accepted in ACS Nano.

January 17, 2014. Ben's Fe-catalyst on WO3 water oxidation paper is accepted in J. Am. Chem. Soc.

November 25, 2013. Emily's non-Grignard Mg electrolyte paper is accepted in Chem. Comm.

October 30, 2013. Emily wins a UM Energy Institute Symposium Poster Prize. Congratulations!

October 28, 2013. Kayla and Joe's electronic structure of CuWO4 paper is accepted in J. Phys. Chem. C.

September 6, 2013. Bart is awarded the Seyhan N. Eğe Faculty Development Award.

August 28, 2013. Vinod and Yenting's TiO2-B paper is accepted in J. Mater. Chem. A.

August 9, 2013. Jimmy is awarded a 2013 Vaughan Symposium Poster Prize. Congratulations!

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